Statment Pieces , Style, and Threads of the Day

statement piece 2    peach outfit (These are my threads for today)


What is a statement piece? To me, a statement piece is something that you are wearing that someone can look at and get a snapshot of your personality and not just your style. It should also be a piece that has versatility and uniqueness.  Style does not always project an individuals personality. Style is an art and you make yourself the canvas. Personally, I like my style to project something I am trying to say or a mood I am experiencing that given day. I look for statement pieces and threads that are unique to me.

Two of my favorite statement pieces are my heart necklace and my peplum top. My necklace is so versatile I can wear it with almost any outfit in my closet. My peplum top I found at T.J. Maxx and it was love at first site. I am so excited that summer is here with its scorching temperatures and endless nights.

Your statement pieces are uniquely you.

What are some statement pieces you have in your closet? Is it something you wear regularly or when your experiencing a certain mood? I would love to know in the comments below :).


Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes


I bought these Almay eye make up remover pads a little over a week ago and I am totally sold on them. Why you ask, because they are oil free and I can use one pad to remove all traces of my eye makeup. I have found that eye makeup removers that contain oil irritate my eyes. These pads have a blend of cucumber, aloe, and green tea extract to gently remove your makeup and are hypoallergenic and fragrance free.  I know that there are a lot of makeup remover products out there but not all of them are affordable. These are affordable, oil free, and can be found at your local drugstore. I have been impressed with the Almay line of cosmetics and will be a repeat shopper. If you are interested in their eye makeup remover products you can see an overview of them here .

How do you remove your makeup?

Soft Pink Makeup & Spider Pig

soft pink

Today I wanted a simple, soft look for my make up. I used my Bombshell Blush in “Beach Please” on the outer edges of my lids and I applied it to my cheeks as well. If you are not aware that Drew Barrymore has a cosmetic line, now you are. It is called Flower and it is amazing line of cosmetics. I have quite a few items and I hate yet to be dissapointed.  On my lips I am wearing “Iris I Could Fly” from the Flower cosmetics line.  You can find products from the line at Wal-Mart.

What are some minimal make up looks you wear?


spider pig earrings

My son and I were helping my dad around his house today which usually requires cooking or cleaning (more than likely both). So I threw on my Homer Simpson t-shirt and tied a knot on the side. I cut the sleeves and the collar off and cut a V in the neck to give it some style (as much style allowed from a such a shirt)  so it wasn’t so boxy. I love to take old t-shirts and re-purpose them :).  My shorts are from the Gap and can be found here. They are the boyfriend roll-up shorts, the shorts can be rolled to any length and have a relaxed, comfy fit. The earrings I purchased from T. J. Maxx

What do you do with old clothes? How is your Sunday?

World War Z, T-Shirt Dresses, & Crop Tops

I have changed twice today. It is a complex I have had since I was little. I can remember my mom telling me “You don’t have to change clothes every hour on the hour…”. It’s not that I change outfits that obsessively but I feel that certain occasions call for certain attire :).

shirt dress 3    shirt dress  shirt dress 4

Shirt dress: American Eagle –> Similar: Here

Sandals: Target

How do you feel about crop tops and high waisted shorts?

crop top

Crop top & shorts: Threadflip

Necklace : Available in H&M stores

I love them and think they are a summer necessity for lounging and looking strikingly gorgeous!!

I went to go see World War Z today with the husband and I must say it was a very good flick. I am always weary of “zombie” type movies because some of them are just too gory. Some directors don’t seem to understand the fine line between plain disgusting and scary. I jumped a few times, but luckily Brad Pitt (oh yeah…and my husband of course) were there to save the day. Bottom line, if you want to see a good apocalyptic movie that has a real story line and not just things that go boom. See World War Z. I will say no more my friends.

What are you Friday plans?

X’s and O’s

Long Hair…Don’t Care

hair 2  I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ear…  -Brand New

hair 4  hair 5

Today was one of those makeup-less days. My hair stylist came to town today, not only did she do my hair, she brought me this cute necklace as well. I love it!! On another note, the sun finally came out today. Three days with no sun is not at all fun. I crave the sun, I will always be a Texas girl!

How are things on your part of the planet?


Self Esteem & Studded Vests

Don’t allow a person’s negative conceptions of you rule who you are as a person. Easier said than done, correct? Growing up, I was picked on a lot because I looked different, I acted different, and by any means I have never been considered “normal. Nor do I want to be. I am 24 and I still struggle with my self esteem even though I think everyone on this planet does. Woman or man. It is crucial that we learn to accept ourselves and understand that we are a work in progress and we ALWAYS will be. Listen to people that truly matter to you, not the people that won’t care tomorrow if your okay or not. Their opinions are the ones that matter. Everyone has a light inside of them…

Motivation  Studded vest 1   Studded vest 2

DSCN0244 (2)   studded vest 4studded vest 6

Studded Vest: JcPenney

Shorts: From a random store in NYC

Bow bracelet: Payless

It is not conceited to know that you are beautiful or tell yourself that you are. It’s called confidence 🙂

Remember to be proud of who you are, flaws and all!!

We are all works in progress and there is tomorrow for improvement!!


Tiger Lily

I finally found a bathing suit that is worthy enough to be worn to my son’s swim group. I don’t want to be that mom that shows up in a two piece showing all her goodies like it’s no big deal. But at the same time I wanted a suit that had flair. Don’t get me wrong…if that’s your flow, more power to you!! However, I always believe there is a way to be classy and sexy without having to show too much skin. Here is what I found…

swim suit pic monkey         back of swim suit

What do you prefer? One piece, tank kini’s, two piece, board shorts, wet suits? Pray do tell, because I want to know what you babes are swimming in!!