Lilac Love

As I was browsing through the cosmetic section at Walgreen’s they had a promotion going on for the Almay liquid lip balm and their makeup remover pads. Specifically for their liquid lip balm and their eye makeup remover pads. You can buy two lip balms or two eye makeup remover pad jars and of course you can mix and match :). So I mixed and matched a liquid lip balm with eye makeup remover pads. I have yet to try their makeup remover pads but I must say I am impressed with their liquid lip balm! It is smooth, the right amount of thickness, and just a hint of color. I got the color Lilac Love and I was expecting it to have a little more color but it adds only a hint of color. However, I am satisfied and will purchase a few more of their colors :).


Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Lilac Love


Thanks loves!!



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