It’s a beautiful Saturday morning…

A few months ago I started browsing around on the internet for vintage and discounted designer clothing. I love vintage clothing and until I am completely finished with college I can’t always afford to buy designer items. While doing my research I stumbled upon a website called Threadflip  and I immediately fell in love. They have all things vintage and designer. Threadflip is a site that you can buy new or previously owned items. Not only can you buy but you can sell as well. My closet is slowly growing as I add more things . The website is very easy to navigate and you can find items from Christian Louboutin to Urban Outfitters. Shipping is free, unless specified by seller. I must warn you though, look at this site when you have time to sit and browse…for hours. It is almost as addicting as Pinterest. The only downside I have found about this website is that not every seller accepts returns so you have to be sure you want an item so you don’t have to worry about returning it.


I love the website and have purchased quite a few items off of it. My favorite seller is Kimko Foz check out her closet . If you like any of the items above, simply search for their names on the Threadflip website.

Enjoy the sun!! xo


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