Self Esteem & Studded Vests

Don’t allow a person’s negative conceptions of you rule who you are as a person. Easier said than done, correct? Growing up, I was picked on a lot because I looked different, I acted different, and by any means I have never been considered “normal. Nor do I want to be. I am 24 and I still struggle with my self esteem even though I think everyone on this planet does. Woman or man. It is crucial that we learn to accept ourselves and understand that we are a work in progress and we ALWAYS will be. Listen to people that truly matter to you, not the people that won’t care tomorrow if your okay or not. Their opinions are the ones that matter. Everyone has a light inside of them…

Motivation  Studded vest 1   Studded vest 2

DSCN0244 (2)   studded vest 4studded vest 6

Studded Vest: JcPenney

Shorts: From a random store in NYC

Bow bracelet: Payless

It is not conceited to know that you are beautiful or tell yourself that you are. It’s called confidence 🙂

Remember to be proud of who you are, flaws and all!!

We are all works in progress and there is tomorrow for improvement!!



6 thoughts on “Self Esteem & Studded Vests

  1. I agree with u that it isn’t conceited to say your beautiful. I don’t believe in all the self-deprecating thing people say about themselves. If u are sexy know your sexy and own it. Just don’t cross the line into Vanity.

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