Tiger Lily

I finally found a bathing suit that is worthy enough to be worn to my son’s swim group. I don’t want to be that mom that shows up in a two piece showing all her goodies like it’s no big deal. But at the same time I wanted a suit that had flair. Don’t get me wrong…if that’s your flow, more power to you!! However, I always believe there is a way to be classy and sexy without having to show too much skin. Here is what I found…

swim suit pic monkey         back of swim suit

What do you prefer? One piece, tank kini’s, two piece, board shorts, wet suits? Pray do tell, because I want to know what you babes are swimming in!!



6 thoughts on “Tiger Lily

  1. Oooh! I love this one! The floral print is lovely and the straps on the back is perfect. It looks great on you Etta, very sexy but not too much. I totally like this, I sure hope I can find one with a similar style as yours. Thanks Etta! Have fun on your son’s swim group 🙂 kisses roro

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