Soft Pink Makeup & Spider Pig

soft pink

Today I wanted a simple, soft look for my make up. I used my Bombshell Blush in “Beach Please” on the outer edges of my lids and I applied it to my cheeks as well. If you are not aware that Drew Barrymore has a cosmetic line, now you are. It is called Flower and it is amazing line of cosmetics. I have quite a few items and I hate yet to be dissapointed.  On my lips I am wearing “Iris I Could Fly” from the Flower cosmetics line.  You can find products from the line at Wal-Mart.

What are some minimal make up looks you wear?


spider pig earrings

My son and I were helping my dad around his house today which usually requires cooking or cleaning (more than likely both). So I threw on my Homer Simpson t-shirt and tied a knot on the side. I cut the sleeves and the collar off and cut a V in the neck to give it some style (as much style allowed from a such a shirt)  so it wasn’t so boxy. I love to take old t-shirts and re-purpose them :).  My shorts are from the Gap and can be found here. They are the boyfriend roll-up shorts, the shorts can be rolled to any length and have a relaxed, comfy fit. The earrings I purchased from T. J. Maxx

What do you do with old clothes? How is your Sunday?


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