World War Z, T-Shirt Dresses, & Crop Tops

I have changed twice today. It is a complex I have had since I was little. I can remember my mom telling me “You don’t have to change clothes every hour on the hour…”. It’s not that I change outfits that obsessively but I feel that certain occasions call for certain attire :).

shirt dress 3    shirt dress  shirt dress 4

Shirt dress: American Eagle –> Similar: Here

Sandals: Target

How do you feel about crop tops and high waisted shorts?

crop top

Crop top & shorts: Threadflip

Necklace : Available in H&M stores

I love them and think they are a summer necessity for lounging and looking strikingly gorgeous!!

I went to go see World War Z today with the husband and I must say it was a very good flick. I am always weary of “zombie” type movies because some of them are just too gory. Some directors don’t seem to understand the fine line between plain disgusting and scary. I jumped a few times, but luckily Brad Pitt (oh yeah…and my husband of course) were there to save the day. Bottom line, if you want to see a good apocalyptic movie that has a real story line and not just things that go boom. See World War Z. I will say no more my friends.

What are you Friday plans?

X’s and O’s


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