Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes


I bought these Almay eye make up remover pads a little over a week ago and I am totally sold on them. Why you ask, because they are oil free and I can use one pad to remove all traces of my eye makeup. I have found that eye makeup removers that contain oil irritate my eyes. These pads have a blend of cucumber, aloe, and green tea extract to gently remove your makeup and are hypoallergenic and fragrance free.  I know that there are a lot of makeup remover products out there but not all of them are affordable. These are affordable, oil free, and can be found at your local drugstore. I have been impressed with the Almay line of cosmetics and will be a repeat shopper. If you are interested in their eye makeup remover products you can see an overview of them here .

How do you remove your makeup?


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