Statment Pieces , Style, and Threads of the Day

statement piece 2    peach outfit (These are my threads for today)


What is a statement piece? To me, a statement piece is something that you are wearing that someone can look at and get a snapshot of your personality and not just your style. It should also be a piece that has versatility and uniqueness.  Style does not always project an individuals personality. Style is an art and you make yourself the canvas. Personally, I like my style to project something I am trying to say or a mood I am experiencing that given day. I look for statement pieces and threads that are unique to me.

Two of my favorite statement pieces are my heart necklace and my peplum top. My necklace is so versatile I can wear it with almost any outfit in my closet. My peplum top I found at T.J. Maxx and it was love at first site. I am so excited that summer is here with its scorching temperatures and endless nights.

Your statement pieces are uniquely you.

What are some statement pieces you have in your closet? Is it something you wear regularly or when your experiencing a certain mood? I would love to know in the comments below :).


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