Starry Eyed for Star Crushed Minerals

I have a thing for makeup (okay…fine…borderline obsession). I have a thing for eyeshadow in particular. I was browsing on Etsy a few weeks ago and found a shop called Star Crushed Minerals. What caught my eye was not only the unique array of colors but the fact that each and every eyeshadow, primer, and foundation is natural and handmade. Yes, I said handmade. That piqued my interest enough to order 5 eye shadows as fast as I could. You see, I love mineral makeup because it is natural, versatile in a sense that it can be used wet or dry and it blends amazingly well. Right now as I type this post everything in the Star Crushed Mineral’s shop is 50% off. If you do the math, her sample sizes come out to be $1.00 each. I mean honestly can you beat that? Now mind you, I would not sing praises to this line of mineral makeup if I had not yet worn it myself. Let me tell you I have been wearing these shadows like it is nobody’s business.

starry pink black garnet

teal moondust

teal 1   star crushed eyeshadows

star crushed 3 To achieve this look I used Starry Pink and Black Garnet

star crushed 2 To achieve this look I used Teal and Moon Dust

star crushed 1   star crushed

To achieve this look I used Starry Pink  and then I blended Black Garnet  and Moon Dust together and created this lilac color.

There is a wide array of colors, shimmery and matte, at  Star Crushed Minerals so go check out the store and new colors are added often. Her name is Edie and she is so kind and needless to mention talented.

Trust me, you will not be dissapointed and glad you visited.

*Just so you know, I did not get paid to do this nor did I receive free samples. This is all my pleasure.*

What have you found on Etsy that has amazed you?

X’s and O’s


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