Neon Everything, Enough Said {Saturday’s Threads}

Hello Darling,

I hope your day is going well wherever you are at this very moment. Thanks for sharing a piece of your day with me!!

I adore neon things. If I would have grown up in the 80’s I would have been in heaven. Regardless of what era we are in though, I love neon things.

neon ankle for blog neon ankle for blog 3

neon ankle for blog 2

neon ankle for blog 4

Everything you see on my body is from American Eagle.

My jeans can be found: Here

I couldn’t find a replacement for my blouse. Sorry bout that, I bought it from their clearance rack.

Shoes: Similar

Do you like to wear bright colors or do you wear an array of colors? What are your favorite colors to wear?

Bright colors are my favorite, but I have a little bit of everything in my closet!!

X’s and O’s


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