Make Your Body Spark {Shredded Threads Segment}

Hello My Loves,

I hope that you are enjoying your day and soaking up the sun!! Today, I am bringing to you another Shredded Threads segment.


body shimmer lotion

list for body shimmer

body lotion shimmer 1

body shimmer lotion ingredients

body shimmer lotion ingredients 2 (1)

body shimmer lotion on

The spoon is used if you want to transfer the lotion from your mixing jar to an airtight container to save.

I think this is a great DIY because it is quick and easier than going out to buy body shimmer lotion. Plus, you can use your favorite lotion!!

So go ahead and make your body spark so you can sparkle and gleam whenever you please!

Do you like to add a little sparkle everyday or just on special occasions? Or do you totally loathe body shimmer lotion?

X’s and O’s

Galaxy pictures courtesy of: Galaxy Wallpapers & We Heart It


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