My Beauty Box Swap Mate from Australia

Hello Loves,

As of late, I have been intrigued by the beauty swaps that are taking place on various blogs and twitter. I have wanted to get involved in a beauty swap for a few reasons:

  • I love meeting new people from everywhere and anywhere
  • I adore letters and getting things in the mail. I mean, honestly, who does not love getting things in the mail?
  • I am adventurous, and beauty swapping gives me the opportunity to try products I may never learn about on my own

If you are not familiar with what a beauty swap is, please allow me to enlighten you.

A beauty swap is an exchange of items between two friends (who may or may not know each other personally). Those items can be beauty products or trinkets you think the other person will enjoy.

Yesterday, as I was perusing through twitter I found a website that is doing a beauty swap called “The Great International xoVAin Beauty Swap”. The article can be read here. I quickly signed up and found myself a beauty pen pal in no time.

Her name is Rosie and she is from Australia and she is amazing! It has been so much fun getting to know her and gathering up things to send to her. I cannot wait to swap boxes and receive new items. She also has her very own blog with her amazing beauty and fashion steals, and not to forget her delicious recipes.


If you are interested in participating here is the spreadsheet they are using for you to link up with other people to swap letters, makeup, jewelry, etc.

Have you participated in any beauty swaps? Have they been international or stateside?

X’s and O’s


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