Confessions of a Lip Product Junkie {Confession #1}

Hi, my name is Etta, and I am highly addicted to lip products. Lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain, lip exfoliate, lip butter, lip tint…you get the point. I love to try, buy, and use lip products. It has been an addiction of mine for quite some time and as I get older it only gets worse. I thought to myself last night why not share my addiction with you lovely people. If you have not noticed most of my product reviews are about lip products anyways, so why not dedicate a post to it at least once a week?!

This week I have been using Flower Beauty Sheer Up Lip Tint in “Airy Orchid” quite often. If you aren’t familiar with Flower beauty, allow me to enlighten you. Flower was created by Drew Barrymore (I love her, just so you know) because she wanted to make luxury beauty products, like you see in Sephora, available at a reasonable price. Hence the reason it is sold at Wal-Mart for $7 a tint. Also, the highest priced item from the line is $18. Not too pricey if you ask me.

sheer up lip tint on collage 2

Sheer up lip tint collage 2

This is Airy Orchid and I love this color (as I do almost every lip product).

flower lip tint on 4

A picture with a little less lighting.

As you can see the sheer up lip tint has a pretty good amount of pigment to it. Some lip tints claim to be pigmented and they do nothing but add a little bit of glitz to your lips.


  • Long wear (color does not easily fade)
  • Easy to carry around & doesn’t melt easily in the summer heat (Seriously, I left my purse in the car the other day for about an hour in 100 degree weather. I went to go get it and thought FML because I just bought this and thought it was going to be melted in the bottom of my purse. It had just started to show signs of melting. Pretty damn good if you ask me.)
  • Self sharpening


  • I wish they had more colors. There are a four other colors and airy orchid is the darkest they have. However, it’s not the end of my world because the product is great.

Now for you my loves. Have you tried anything from flower beauty? Is it available in your area? ( I ask this because I intend on doing a giveaway soon) What has been your best and worst lip product purchase thus far?

X’s and O’s

*No, I did not get paid to do this. I did it to feed my addiction to lip products*


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