Have You Bathed Your Makeup Brushes Lately? {Makeup Brush Care}

Hello Sugar Pops,

I hope your day is awesome so far.

Today, I wanted to touch on why it is important to clean your makeup brushes and ways to clean your makeup brushes.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial for two reasons:

  1. Clean brushes means a clean face. Bacteria builds up over time on your brushes and bacteria causes clogged pores and unwanted blemishes.
  2. If your brushes are clean, they will last longer and you will get your monies worth. I view my brushes as an investment because they are pricey and it is important to take care of your investments.

There are a few easy as pie ways to clean your makeup brushes. I will show you my method first.

makeup brushes

cleaning makeup brushes items

cleaning makeup brushes part 1 edit

cleaning makeup brushes process 1 edit

cleaning makeup brushes process 2 edit

Cleaning makeup brushes is not time consuming. The part that is time consuming is the dry time. Remember, before you lay your brushes down to dry squeeze the excess water out of them. The best time to clean makeup brushes is after the application of your makeup or before bed that way the brushes have enough time to dry.

While browsing on the internet I found a few other ways to clean makeup brushes.

  • Use a few drops of tea tree oil along with the shampoo. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent.
  • Vinegar and warm water. Although, I don’t think the smell would be pleasant I do believe it would still get your brushes clean and soft.
  • Dial or Ivory soap.
  • Using olive or almond oil to clean eyeliner brushes it can help break down the buildup of gel eyeliners. Just use a dab of either oil and then proceed with cleaning.

In between cleanings, I use a daily brush cleanser that I purchased from Sephora for $6.

Remember sugar pops,  deep clean your makeup brushes at least once a week.

What is your routine for cleaning your makeup brushes?

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13 thoughts on “Have You Bathed Your Makeup Brushes Lately? {Makeup Brush Care}

  1. Gurl, I am the WORST with brush sanitation! I even bought ELF’s daily brush cleaner (it’s a spritz on) and I don’t do it!!! I wash my brushes once a month. Thanks for a reinforcement post to help me change my ways! I know weekly is a MUST. xo

  2. I have to get myself that Sephora daily cleaner. Daily I use face cleaning wipes to clean the brushes while I do my makeup, otherwise I use olive oil for foundation & concealer brushes and soap with water for all others.

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