The Magic Behind a Good Primer & Eyeshadow Base

Hello My Lovelies,

Yes, there is magic behind a good primer.

I love and live by NYX’s HD eyeshadow primer and their eyeshadow base!!

nyx shadow base and primer

Benefits of the Primer:

  • You will get long lasting wear from your eyeshadow
  • You don’t have to worry about your eyeshadow getting creases in the middle of it (sucks when you take a peek in the mirror mid-day and notice your eyeshadow has creases and is practically melted off)
  • The colors will not blend or transfer onto one another

Benefits of the eye shadow base:

  • I love the eye shadow base because it helps colors pop and stick (I am sure you have expertly applied beautiful eyeshadow colors and realize later that they are not as bright as they were when you first applied them)
  • It reinforces the primer and creates lasting all day wear

nyx completed look

Light colors, such as these two pinks, benefit from the use of an eyeshadow base because it helps the colors become more bold.

What primer do you absolutely love? Do you use a base, if so which one?

X’s and O’s


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