Out of My Bubble…And I Love It

It is summer time and I love and adore everything about summer. Yes, I even enjoy the scorching makeup melting heat. The fashion during the summer is so bright, bold, and beautiful.

Speaking of bold, have you guys caught onto the crop top trend?! I am pretty sure that many of you have seen the magazines and ads with models laden in crop tops and maxi skirts with their midriff peeking out. I saw them, and I lusted after that look. I saw other women wearing their high waisted shorts and crop tops and thought to myself “Do I dare be so bold and wear something like that?”. They looked gorgeous and I knew somehow I needed to fit this fashion trend into my wardrobe.

I have never been one to show off too much skin. Growing up my parents were into total modesty and part of that is still ingrained in me. I still hear my parent’s telling me “You don’t show what’s not for sell…”.  So you can imagine my dilemma when I was contemplating purchasing a crop top.

Well sugar pops, I went ahead and purchased one and it has been an amazing addition to my wardrobe.

crop top

My loves, the bottom line is wear what makes you happy. Not what people tell you to wear or what people expect you to wear. The whole point of fashion is for it to speak volumes without you uttering a single word.

Have you dared wear anything that you normally wouldn’t? If so, what is it?

X’s and O’s


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