My Beauty Box from Rosie In Oz

Hello Sugar Pops,

I hope all of you have had an amazing weekend. I have had a busy weekend and in the mix of things MY BEAUTY BOX ARRIVED FROM ROSIE!!

I am singing praises to the mail gods because it arrived a lot quicker then both of us thought and quite honestly I am thankful for that because the anticipation was killing me. If you are not aware of the beauty box swap I participated in please read and get information about that here .

Here is what she sent me…

beauty box swap beauty box swap 2

beauty box swap 4

beauty box swap 5 beauty box swap 6 beauty box swap 7 beauty box 8

beauty box swap 3

I would have taken pictures of all the pretty, almost impossible to open wrapping paper (THANK YOU ROSIE) but I was just too excited and I wanted to see it all!!

Participating in this beauty box swap helped me make an amazing friend and also learn about a place I have never been to but surely hope to visit one day.

Needless to say I am beyond excited to try everything she has sent to me. I have been carrying my new clutch around like it is a newborn baby!!!

Rosie, thank you love for all the items!!

Have you participated in a swap?! Please let me know how it went!!

X’s and O’s



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