Warm or Cool-What is your skin undertone?

warm and cool chart

Chart Courtesy of: Three Custom Specialists

I haven’t been into makeup for that long. I have been wearing makeup since I was a freshman in high school but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I really started taking interest in makeup. Since then, I have learned so much about makeup. It’s not always as simple as going to the store and picking out what you love. You have to take your skin type and skin tone into consideration.

Knowing which kind of skin undertone you have -warm or cool- can help you with your makeup choices, hair color choice, and even your clothing choices.

What is warm toned skin?

People with warm complexions have more yellow undertones to their skin.

What is cool toned skin?

People with cool complexions have more blue undertones to their skin

How can I tell if I am warm or cool toned?

Look at the veins on your wrist. Do they look more blue or more green? If the veins on your wrist look more blue, then you have cool toned skin. If the veins on your wrist look more green, then you have warm toned skin. Veins are blue, but if you have a yellow undertone your veins will appear green. Do you remember mixing primary colors? Yellow+Blue=Green.

Still not getting it?

Here are some other helpful clues as to what skin tone you are.

Cool undertones are most present in fair skinned people who burn easily in the sun. Colors that may accent you well are blue and white.

Warm undertones are most present in darker skinned people who tan easily in the sun. Colors that may accent you well are rust and cream.

You can also take a gander at your jewelry. Do you look best in silver or gold? People with cool undertones look radiant with silver/white metals and people with warm undertones look radiant with yellow/gold metals.

Are you still not sure what you are because everything above has applied to you?

Then you have neutral skin which means you can wear either warm or cool colors!

I must tell you though that it is a common misconception that dark skinned people must be warm and fair skinned people must be cool.

skintone chart

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this was helpful for you!!

Are you cool or warm?

I thought I was warm, but after doing this post I think I have a neutral skin tone.

X’s and O’s


7 thoughts on “Warm or Cool-What is your skin undertone?

  1. This post is so educational, I really liked all of your examples, especially the colour math! I have pale-medium warm skin. I went from having purple hair, which honestly made me look rather ill and yellow to having pale ambre tonnes in my hair and looking perfectly tanned – wow!

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