Change of Color…

My hair magician came to town today and it is always a pleasure when she arrives because she makes my hair look amazing.

I went from the blonde I had…

romantic feel of lace 4

To a darker color, which is my natural color, with just a touch of blonde in it…

darker hair

I loved the blonde, but I was missing my dark hair.

Do you prefer your natural color or do you like to add a little spice?

X’s and O’s

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24 thoughts on “Change of Color…

  1. You look great with both colors! I’ve been dying my hair on and off since 7th grade but for the most part, it remains dark πŸ˜› Hard to get it light.

  2. I love your hair darker!!! The blonde highlights are really beautiful.

    I change my hair color a lot. Never gone blonde before though. Well, not intentionally. I had a girl who would overdo my highlights and one day I saw a photo of me, and was appalled I was so blonde! Nothing against blondes mind you, but it is not flattering on me!

    Mainly I color now to hide the gray. Boo!

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