Milani Runway Eyes

Hello Loves,

Do any of you ever go into a store and try to ignore the fact that they have a beauty section because you know you will just become imprisoned in the aisles staring at all the pretty makeup?

I often try to refrain from going into the beauty section for that very reason. It is not because I spend ridiculous amounts of money on makeup, it’s because I stand there all googly eyed staring at the makeup. My husband gets irritated and doesn’t quite understand that one does not just go into the beauty aisles and come out in 10 seconds. There is a process, and that process deserves to be honored.

The other night, my son and I were strolling through Target and I decided to look through the beauty section. To my surprise and pleasure, half of their makeup selection was on clearance. Honestly, I wanted to bring it all home BUT that is not realistic and I budget myself on how much money I can spend on things that I want but don’t need.

For awhile now I have had my eyes on Milani’s Runway Eyes pallets and I was beyond excited to see that they were on clearance for $3.49. Just so you know, the pallets are not extremely expensive I just love a good deal. From what I have seen they run for at least $8.99.

This is the pallet I got…

milani pallet collage

milani pallet collage 2

Β Β  The colors, to me anyways, are absolutely gorgeous and I love them. These eye shadows are baked and can be used either wet or dry. I have yet to use them wet. It does say to use them dry for a softer look and use them wet for a more intense look. I am going to have to try using them wet over the weekend and see how it comes out.

Today, and yesterday I tried out the colors and I love them!

milani pallet 7

milani pallet 8

milani pallet

This look I created using the 1st color and 3rd color in the pallet. I lined my top lashes using Milani’s easyliner in “charcoal” and the bottom lashes I just used the darker brown color from the pallet that is on the outer edges of my eyes.

Have you tried any Milani products? What were your thoughts?

X’s and O’s

Oh, and what do you think of this look?

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22 thoughts on “Milani Runway Eyes

  1. Love the look and my hubby blocks my view of the Makeup Section for me! lol My son will let out a huge “sigh” if I make him go in those sections. Both big babies.

  2. I love how they are kind of subtle on you. This would be a good look for me since I don’t want to look like crazy gal lol. Now if I can just figure out how the heck to put it on…This is why I only give advice when it comes to lips lol

    • LOL trust me when I say when I first started applying makeup I knew nothing of blending and I looked…odd. It looked like the colors were stacked and they were harsh. Still learning as I go. Let me know if I can be of some help. Thank you!! xo

      • Oooo! sorry if Im blowing up your comment section but could you please write a post or do a video describing the different types of makeup brushes and what they are for? Or preferably, a kind of makeup for dummies “series” because I would really like to learn about this kind of thing. Especially with someone relatively close to my skin tone so that I have a better idea of what to buy and wear. Thanks=D

      • No worries!! Yes, I can do that!! That is something I wish I had when I first started buying makeup because I went the extremely pricey route LOL I went straight to sephora and you know good and well they can talk you into buying anything. I will work on that this weekend!!

      • Yay! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH=D lol. I’ve gone into Sephora about 3 times. 1) The first time and was scared away because of the prices.
        2) Afterward, it was connected to JC Penny.
        3) While visiting LA, my aunt wanted something out of there.
        Ahhh! CVS is one of my closest friends

      • Yeah, it’s not a place I would start out at unless you know exactly what you want. There is too much to l get your hands on at one time. It’s so easy to spend money and they just make it easier. I love walgreen’s and rite aid. Walmart has a pretty good selection as well.

  3. Ooooo I never avoid the beauty section, lol! Now you’re onto something with that “budget for wants not needs.” I’ve GOT to do better. I’ve seen those palette’s and love the design, they look fun! I’m obsessed with nude shadows and this looks great on you. I’ve never used Milani but I do want to try their concealer because Beauty By Kemba swears by it.

    • No, I did use their easy liner which is amazing. It doesn’t wear off at all. I have noticed that if you put some liners over shadows they wear off but the milani one sticks and stays. I will have to try their liquid liner.Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve yet to try their eyeshadows, but will now! I love their blushes and liquid eye eye liners. Will post my results. Especially if they are on clearance at Target!

    • They are very good quality eye shadows! I was a little worried because some baked eye shadows aren’t very soft and require some work to get the shadow onto your brush but these are wonderful!!

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