Scandal at the Desert Festival

Have you watched the show Scandal starring Kerry Washington?!

If not, you need to watch it not because I absolutely love it, but because it is seriously a great show.

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington’s character) can make any and every scandal dissapear. Prestigious people call her when they are in the toughest situations and they want that situation resolved or to dissapear completely. I will say no more because I want you to be just as surprised as I was when I watched the first season on Netflix.

Olvia Pope’s style is simple, elegant, and professional.

Kerry Washington

kerry washington 2

Pictures courtesy of Google Images

Granted, Kerry Washington is already gorgeous and I love how they didn’t apply gobs of makeup to her face. Her makeup is always minimal and nude. I think the most bold thing I have seen her wear makeup wise on the show is red lipstick and black eyeliner.

Her Scandal look is the inspiration behind my makeup I have on today!

scandal makeup 1 scandal makeup 2 scandal makeup 3

scandal makeup

Believe me when I say this look is as simple to do as it looks. So, what did I use to get it?

scandal makeup palette 2 scandal makeup palette 3

scandal makeup palette

For my eye shadow I used Wet n Wild Fergie’s centerstage collection palette in “Desert Festival”. I got it from Walgreen’s for (I think) $4.99 and the colors in the pallet are very versatile.

scandal makeup palette how to apply

  1. I used the two colors on the right side of the pallet. The top right and bottom right.
  2. Before you apply any eye shadow, apply eyeshadow base to your lid.
  3. I applied the top right color to my lid and the bottom right color to my crease.
  4. For the liner, I used the color in the center of the palette and I applied it using a smudge brush to my top lash line.
  5. Then, I applied two coats of mascara (Smoky extravagant) to my top lashes and applied a little bit to my bottom lashes.
  6. For my face, I used NYX HD finishing powder and bare minerals N40 loose powder.
  7. For my brows, I used Revlon’s brow pencil and gel in brunette.
  8. For my lips, I used Buxom’s big healthy lip stick in “Amsterdam”.
  9. For my cheeks, I used NYX’s mosaic powder in paradise it adds a nice glow to my skin.

scandal makeup arsenal

Have you watched Scandal? Do you like it?

What do you think of my look?

X’s and O’s

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