Makeup Brush Guide For Begginers (Yes, they each have a different purpose…)

The thought came to me “Where do I even start?”

I have been dabbling with makeup since high school. The difference between now and then, is now I actually want to learn and know what I am doing. I don’t want to just outline my eyes in eyeliner and coat my eyelashes with mascara and call it a day. That is the reason I walked into Sephora last year and told them to help me. I didn’t realize when I walked out of the store with my bare minerals foundation and powder brush that I would join the ever growing world of beauty addicts.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the makeup and makeup tool choices out there (with new items being added daily). There are things now that I wish I knew then when I first started purchasing makeup. However, it’s not life ending that I didn’t know everything there is to know because I love to learn and I am still learning.

What did I start with?

makeup for beginners

I started with a powder brush from Sephora that cost $10 and an eyeshadow brush from e.l.f. that cost $1. I didn’t buy an actual makeup brush set until earlier this year and it cost me $15 (orgionally $60) from My Habit and it’s from Beaute Basics.

basic makeup brush kit 2

What the heck could you possibly use all these brushes for?

Believe it or not, each of these brushes has a purpose…

  1. Pointed eyeliner brush– This brush is used to apply eyeliner. It is very useful when you want to have a thin line or applying liquid liner.
  2. Spooly (mascara wand)– This can be used to comb and tame eyebrows or eye lashes and can also be used to remove clumps after applying your mascara.
  3. Finishing Fan-This can be used to apply blush, setting powder, or even remove sparkles from underneath your eye when you are done applying your eyeshadow.
  4. Eyeshadow sponge– This is used to apply eyeshadow. It is typically what you get in an eye palette you purchase from the drugstore.
  5. Eyeshadow brush– This is your typical eyeshadow brush
  6. Fluffy eyeshadow brush– This is a larger, fluffier version of the eyeshadow brush and I have found it very useful for blending my eye shadow
  7. Lip brush– This is used to have more control when you are applying your lipsticks. I have found it especially useful when I am using two different colors on my lips at one time.
  8. Crease brush-This brush is amazing when it comes to applying eyeshadow to my crease and blending. To me, crease brushes are necessary when it comes to applying eyeshadow to your crease.
  9. Eye brow, eye lash brush/comb– this brush is similar to the spooly except stiffer. I prefer the spooly for my brows and this brush is great for eye lashes.
  10. Eye liner brush– This brush is used for eye liner and is amazing when it comes to creating a cat eye look. It is great to use with gel liners and when you want to use eye shadow as your liner.
  11. Blush brush– This brush is used for when you are applying your blush.
  12. Powder brush-This brush is the equivalent to the pink Sephora powder brush I have pictured above

What do I recommend starting with?

I recommend starting with at least a powder brush (if you wear powder, blush, etc.), eye shadow brush, and a crease brush. I recommend these brushes because this will help you at least get started if you cannot afford to buy a brush kit right away.

What brands?

Sephora brand brushes are good but can be pricey, sometimes they will clearance out kits that have a blush, eye liner, and eye shadow brushes. When those kits are on clearance you can get them for as little as $3.99.Β  E.l.f. has good basic brushes and they start at $1, that’s what I started with for an eye shadow brush. Eco Tools is another great brand to start with as well. Also, keep your eye out on My Habit because they have some great deals on beauty items, makeup, and makeup tools. Beaute basics is having an event through Wednesday and you can get the above brush set for $19.

Please remember if you purchase brushes you should clean them. I have created an Easy to Follow Pictorial on How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes and there are also some other tips in that post as well.

Which brand of brushes do you love? Which brushes do you use the most?

X’s and O’s


15 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Guide For Begginers (Yes, they each have a different purpose…)

  1. I bought a Sephora brand blush brush when I was over there in March, this is the one I use everyday in terms of brushes and it’s fabulous. Need to clean it more often tho 😐

  2. I also got that brush set that you purchased, but I hated it! Every brush shed, and fell off the handle. I love Real Techniques brushes! They are so soft, and don’t shed! They are pretty inexpensive and are amazing quality!

    • I have had no problems as of yet with the brush set I have. I have had them since January and have not experienced shedding or breaking.This brush set was used as a guide for people who did not know what brushes were used for what. I haven’t used the blush or powder brush yet because I have my fave brush from Sephora. I have heard good things about real technique, they seem to be pretty popular and affordable.

  3. Oh my sweet Etta, I haven’t cleaned my brushes since our last convo and your post on it!! I’m going to do it for sure tomorrow.
    I am a recent convert to face brushes. On my list of future blog posts on my faves as well.

    • πŸ™‚ LOL clean those brushes girl!!! Helps your brushes last longer and keeps your face clean. It is a task that is often forgot though. If I am unable to clean them, I make sure to at least spray them with brush sanitizing spray!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I’m so late; everytime I came to your blog I saw the featured page and didn’t realize it was featured but I am here, now.=D Anyways,thanks for making this post

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