Eyes Set on Paradise

Cream eye shadows have always been a mystery to me…until recently.

My friend Rosie and I were discussing last night that part of the whole enjoyment of applying makeup is experimenting, enhancing, and transforming. I am still trying to get the basics down, and I feel I will forever be learning new tips and tricks, but I have been buying products recently that I thought I would never purchase.

Number one on the list was cream eyeshadow. I just didn’t understand how something wet could go on your eye and last ALL DAY!

I was browsing around the stores the other day (as always) and I came across a brand called essence. The packaging and presentation of the product seemed a bit juvenile, like it was truly meant for pre-teen girls, but that didn’t stop me from pawing through the display anyways.

Essence prices are very low and they were having a buy one get one half off sale. They had a section that was dubbed “Limited Edition” and the theme of the makeup selection is “Ticket to Paradise”. The name suits the color selection because the eye shadows and lip glosses are very vibrant. They even had a body shimmer, a trio of nail polish jars, and some hair mascara (which is temporary, washable color for your hair).

I was intrigued by the eye shadows and lip glosses (naturally) that they had. The eye shadows are cream and come in two colors and the lip glosses are a gel tint type lip gloss.

I ended up choosing a cream eye shadow because I love the color!

ticket to paradise collage

paradise eyes 4

Swatch, this is without flash in the sunlight. When I did it with flash the color didn’t show up too well on my hand.

This morning I couldn’t wait to wear it and I must admit I love the look I created…

paradise eyes 3

paradise eyes 5


  • It wears really well. When you put it on it dries to a powder.
  • The color is more vibrant once you put it on
  • The color can be built up, if you want a little less apply less if you want more apply more.


  • When applying it, make sure that you build it up to the intensity you want while it is still wet. If you don’t it will flake off when trying to apply the wet to the dry.
  • You will have sparkles galore under your eyes if you don’t build it to the color intensity you want the first time.


Just so you know this product is made in Germany and it is available overseas, according to their website. This jar cost me $1.99 with the half off, but it is originally $3.99.

It’s a great buy and a quality product! I think I am finally coming around to cream eye shadows!

paradise eyes

This picture is with flash and I am wearing a color in my crease from the Milani Runway Palette I reviewed recently.

Do you have a favorite cream eye shadow? If so, please share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Eyes Set on Paradise

  1. Love this. It reminds me of an eyeshadow I have that you can wear wet or dry from Bloom (I think!) it’s in an intense green, I need to find this and bust it out this weekend! 🙂 xo

  2. It looks gorgeous! I need some of this for myself 😀 If you like cream eye shadows you should try out (if you haven’t already) Maybelline Color Tattoo. It lasts all day and the color selection is amazing! I’m using mine as an eyeliner more then as eye shadow 🙂

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