One Blouse & One Look from Day to Night

Your day has been busy, but you have plans that evening and there is no time to go home and completely revamp yourself.

Have no fear! You don’t have to drive, walk, or catch a train all the way home. You can add pieces to your outfit or even remove pieces that will have you looking fab from day to night in no time!

I have a new blouse that I was piecing together to see how versatile it is with what I have in my closet. When I shop, the first thing I ask myself is “How versatile is the item?”. I am a college student and I have a family, so budgeting is a necessity. I don’t have the means, as of now, to go out and buy a new outfit each and every time my husband and I have an event or I have a meeting.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

That is one of my all time favorite quotes because style is what you choose. I love the fact that you can take one item of clothing and style it in different ways and get a uniquely different look each time.

Since my day will be busy and the husband I have plans later this evening I wanted to be able to take what I have on from day to night.

It all started with…

day to night look 1.1

That I wanted to take from…

day to night look 2.1

day look


day to night look 3.1

night look

During the day, I like to keep it neutral and not to saucy. I am doing school work, attending appointments, being a mom, etc all during the day. As much as I love to dress up and look fancy, I realize that wearing night wear during the day is not realistic or practical for the situations I am in. The burnt orange blazer with the ruched 3/4 length sleeves, makes this blouse professional and wearable for day time activities.

When it comes to night time, I want to jazz myself up. I love black. Black can be used as a nighttime or daytime wear color. However, with this particular blazer I am dubbing it as an event clothing item. It is dressy but still casual.

What about your makeup?

day to night makeup look 2

For the daytime makeup I wanted to keep it simple and not very dramatic. I used the Wet n Wild Fergie’s Centerstage Collection palette in “Newport Nights”. I put the lilac color on my lid (bottom right color of palette) and the gold color that is in the center of the palette on my crease. I then lined the top lashes with Cailyn’s cosmetics gel eye liner in purple. I extended that line out a little past my lashes…

fergie newport nights centerstage collage

eyeliner ipsy


For night time I wanted to do a cat eye look using the same purple eye liner and also line my bottom lashes. Like so…

night makeup look

By adding the cat eye look and adding liner to my bottom lashes, it gives my eyes a dramatic look! Now, I am ready to have a night out on the town!!

How do you transform your looks from day to night when there is not much time to spare?

X’s and O’s


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