POP Purple Lashes {I Love It…}

My interest in colored lashes was piqued by this article in the August issue of InStyle Mag…

purple mascara 4

This article can be found on page 182.

My eye was instantly drawn to the purple mascara. I love all the colors…but the purple one is my fave!! As I said, purple is one of my favorite colors, but, I also wanted it for my eyes because it helps make my brown eyes pop.

The other day I was perusing through Fred Meyer and I saw that Rimmel had a new display for Extra POP Lash mascara and it comes in 4 color shades…

pop mascara

Each one is $3.49

Of course, I got the purple one. Mainly because I didn’t want to buy the green and blue until I had tried the product out.

purple mascara pop

purple mascara pop 2

What does it look like on?

purple mascara 2

The color is electric and I love it. I used a neon blue eyeshadow on my bottom lash line and also coated my bottom lashes using the pop purple mascara.

purple mascara 3.1

purple mascara 1

I lined my top lash line using a liner from Flower Beauty in the color Aubergine. It is an eggplant purple color.

purple liner

Flower beauty products are affordable and are high quality.

purple over black mascara 1

I also wore it yesterday, but I put my black mascara on first and it gave the purple a more subtle effect.

I love everything about this mascara and I will be purchasing the green and blue. It’s a fun way to add a pop of color to your day!!

Do you have any colored mascaras? If so, what color(s)?

X’s and O’s


14 thoughts on “POP Purple Lashes {I Love It…}

  1. I am going to buy some as soon as I go to the drugstore! I love that it is so pigmented and shows up! I purchased a neon blue Anastasia Beverly Hills one, but haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Oh I love this mascara! I friend of mine tried the Maybelline ones and she wasn’t pleased with them at all But this one looks amazing! I’ll try INGLOT colored mascaras next month and I’ll write a report;)

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