Lavender Eyes & Red Lips

Lilac eyes and red lips is my new favorite look. Can you blame me?

lilac eyes and red lips

Red and purple have always been two of my favorite colors. I didn’t think much of pairing these two colors together makeup wise until…

teen choice awards

Photo Courtesy of: ( Because I am Fabulous )

I saw my woman crush, Kerry Washington, wearing the combo at the teen choice awards. No, I didn’t watch the award show but people were raving about her look the next day. She is gorgeous and respectable! Can you blame me for crushing?! Her dress was on point for the awards show and was designed by Stella McCartney.

I tried it out myself, and I LOVE the look!

lavendar eyes n red lips

If you want to try it out, here is what I used

lilac eyes look 1

Lips = Bite Beauty lipsticks, Vidal & Pomegranate, I layered the colors so that I could create a pink undertone. I put Vidal on first and than Pomegranate.

Eyes = Star Crushed Minerals eye shadow in No. 11 Starry Pink and I used the lavender color from my “Dark Shadows Crimson Amulet” Palette which was created by NYX with inspiration from the movie “Dark Shadows”.

I applied the starry pink first, because again, I wanted a pink undertone to my lavender color.

What do you think of the look? Would or will you try it?

X’s and O’s

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12 thoughts on “Lavender Eyes & Red Lips

  1. For this hair color you need to emphasize your eyes and lips.Have you tried smokey eyes (there are different colors, even violet, golden or purple ) with barely wearing something on your lips – e.g. just a bit of lip gloss or a nude shade?

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