Yes, your makeup will expire!

Expired makeup can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Why would you apply bacteria to your beautiful skin?

I was at Walgreen’s today and I was speaking with the lady that works in the beauty section. I was telling her that I have more makeup than I can use (which is a sad truth). She told me “Oh, make sure you are checking the expiration dates on your makeup!!” I was thinking in my head “What the f**** do you mean check the expiration dates?!” .

Yes, I knew that makeup expired, but to be honest, I never cared to take notice. I asked her to show me how to check the expiration dates. She showed me the open makeup pot on the outside of the packaging like this…

makeup expiration

(M)=Months (Y)=Years, each of these products will expire after 12 months

Once you open a product, the expiration clock starts ticking. Now, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not require makeup distributors to put expiration dates on their products!!

When I started going through my makeup once I got home, I realized only a few of the makeup brands I use have an expiration date on the outside of the container.

I did a little bit of research to help me, and you, know when makeup should be disposed of.

makeup background 1.1

Just to remind all of you, these are what experts tell us beauty gurus. If it is open, it means it can expire.

Some quick tips to help you decide if a makeup product needs to be disposed of:

  • If a product is getting clumpy or smells weird, PLEASE THROW IT OUT
  • If there happens to be a change in color, PLEASE THROW IT OUT (unless it specifies that something such as that can occur)
  • If it has separated into layers, PLEASE THROW IT OUT
  • If your lip gloss or lipstick isn’t the same texture it was when you bought it, say it with me now, PLEASE THROW IT OUT

To prolong the life of your makeup:

  • Do not share your makeup with other people, that is the easiest way to spread bacteria and germs. If you do share makeup use disposable wands and invest in a brush sanitizer.
  • Please note, if you are trying on makeup at a store, such as Sephora, ask them to sanitize it for you and even than use a disposable applicator brush (they should have them)
  • Keep your makeup and other beauty products out of the sun. UV rays and extreme heat can damage and ruin a product.
  • Cleaning your makeup brushes can also prevent bacteria growth. Need help with that? Check out my makeup brush care pictorial!
  • Keep lids and caps on tight!
  • If you can’t keep track of how long you have had a product, take a little piece of tape and put it on the outside of the container that displays when you opened it.

I know that some of you by now are probably rolling your eyes, STOP IT!! Think about it, do you really want bacteria near your eyes or mouth?! Do you really want to apply makeup that has bacteria on it?! Would you drink rancid milk from your fridge or eat a piece of molding food?! Okay, do you get the picture? These are products that are meant to beautify, not destroy your beauty!!

We invest so much into our beauty and health, why not take simple steps to help sustain it?!

Just out of curiosity…

Have any of you had a bad reaction to a makeup or beauty product you have tried? Please share if you don’t mind.

I will go first. I purchased a face product that I thought was the answer to all my skin care prayers. After a few days, I started breaking out terribly bad. At first, I thought it was my clarisonic’s brush head. I changed that first because I thought to myself “There is no way it can be this holy grail product”. I went into Sephora again, because I wasn’t seeing any results from changing the brush. I told the beauty consultant my story and she instantly knew it was the face wash. After I stopped using it, my skin cleared up and I happily went back to my old regimen.




13 thoughts on “Yes, your makeup will expire!

  1. Hey Etta,
    I’m here to bother you, again. 🙂
    I just bought an eyeshadow palette and was wondering how the heck do I clean the brush and do I clean the brush before I use it. A post or a simple response will surely be appreciated.
    To my beauty savior,

  2. Totally informative, I’m actually very particular with expiration of products. So much that I have a notebook indicating the manufacturing date as well as the expiration date of all makeup products I buy. Sounds too much but you can never be too careful plus you put this stuff in your face so definitely it is good to be cautious. Thanks for this Etta!!! Kisses

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