In The Buff {Nude Lips for a Woman of Color}

I love nude lips but I had a hard time finding a shade that was my “true” nude lip.

Nude lips have become a popular trend. I set out a few months ago (yes, I said a few months ago) to find a nude lipstick that I could call my very own. It was a little bit harder than just going straight to the lipstick section of brand and picking out my color because for starters I HAD NO IDEA AS TO WHAT MY NUDE LIP SHADE WAS OR WHAT CLASSIFIED AS A NUDE LIP.

I see these women strutting around with their sexy nude lips and, quite honestly, I wanted and needed some of that action.

What is a nude lip?

The whole idea of a nude lipstick is to simply enhance your lips without being dramatic. It should be as close as possible to your natural skin tone.

The other day I was on YouTube looking up makeup tips (I always learn something new). I stumbled across Wayne’s channel, who is better known as the “gossmakeupartist”. Just so you know, he is totally amazing!! His tips are so simple and can benefit anyone and everyone. In all honesty, I was shocked that I didn’t find him any sooner than I did.

He has a video where he reviews some Khroma beauty products. If you are not familiar with Khorma beauty, it is a line of cosmetics created by Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian. He goes through quite a few of the products during the video and towards the end he pulls out this lipstick/lip liner duo called “In the Buff” and swatches it and suggests that it would be a good nude lip set for a woman of color. My ears perked up “Did he just say a good nude lip set for a woman of color?!” I took note and sped down to my local Ulta. Ulta and Fred Meyer are the only two places that I know of (in my town) that sale Khroma Beauty Products.

I get there and I find…

khroma beauty 2

khroma beauty 5

It is a nude lip set that includes a lip liner, lip gloss, and lipstick. It cost me $14.99 at Ulta and when I was at Fred Meyer I noticed they also sell it for $14.99.

After speeding down to Ulta to buy this, it took me 20 minutes to decide if it was worth it or not. I was worried that it would just be another crappy nude color that would either be way to light or way to dark. I went against my doubts and bought it.

I was amazed…

First off, look at this swatch and how the colors match my skin tone…

khroma beauty 6.1

Finally, the ultimate test! How does it look on my lips?!

nude lips 2

I think the lip liner, lipstick, and gloss compliment my skin well. The lipstick is a dead on match to my skin tone and the lip liner matches my natural lip line perfectly. The gloss just adds some glitz and shimmer!


  • The color is a perfect match, I love it.
  • The lipstick smells like chocolate and the honey stick has a strong honey smell to it.
  • Affordable for the amount of product you get. One honey stick alone costs $8.99.
  • It comes in three different nude options, find them here.


  • You cannot buy just the honey stick or the lip liner/lipstick duo in the “In the Buff” color. They only come together in the Au Natural lip set.

Please note: If you do not like honey or the smell of honey, I would avoid the honey sticks because the smell is strong and they taste like honey.

Thank you to Wayne for suggesting these items!! Trust me ladies and gents when I say you can learn a lot from a 5 minute YouTube video. Check out his channel for yourself

Have you found your nude lip color yet? If so, give me the deets (brand and color)!!


7 thoughts on “In The Buff {Nude Lips for a Woman of Color}

  1. I’ve watched Wayne for years. Very talented, and I love he includes tips for women of color.

    That nude is very flattering on you! As you know, I am a slave to dark colors because nudes wash me out. I might give this one a try. I am planning to do a light/nude lipstick post this week or next so y’all can see how really unflattering they are on my particular coloring 😦

    Looks like you’ve found a perfect shade/product! xoxo

    • I agree with you! He always includes women of color in his videos which is nice because a lot of YouTube makeup artist, that I have watched, do not do that.
      This one is definitely a darker nude lip which I haven’t cone across. Plus, I love that it’s a set.
      Haha! I just asked you on your blog if you wear lighter lipsticks. I will be keeping an eye out.

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