Sand & Steel

InStyle’s September issue is 716 pages of pure inspiration.

InStyle is one magazine that I love to look at (and read). They always have usable tips and tricks. If you don’t get their magazine on the regular, September’s issue is one that you would want to get your hands on. Like I said, it is nothing but 716 pages of pure inspiration, information, and beauty!!

When I read a magazine, I fold the pages that I normally want to refer back to later on. However, in their magazine they have these little tear out pages…okay, let me just show you because it is easier to show than tell.

sand and steel

To me, these cards are useful because sometimes it is hard to know how to liven up a color that has been dubbed a “dull one”. It is a nice reference guide so you are able to quickly decide which colors will give a pop of color to your look but at the same time, compliment it.

sand and steel 2

With the winter month’s quickly approaching, where for some odd reason, dark colors and solid prints dominate our wardrobes. These cards will be handy!!

What colors do you have in your closet that you find hard to liven up?

X’s and O’s


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