Pomegranate Punk {Metallic Eyes}

Trending for fall, metallic eyes!

One of my lovely twitter followers asked me to help her out with creating a look for metallic eyes. When she first asked me I was assuming she meant gold or silver. She showed me an article she had received her inspiration from…

metallic inspo

[Photos Courtesy of: Yahoo UK Beauty]

Metallic means anything resembling metal or metals. I never thought of a brassy color being part of the “metallic” category. I tweeted her a picture of the makeup I was wearing that day. I was wearing Color Tattoo from Maybeline in “Pomegranate Punk”, she tweeted me back and said “Yes, that’s the look, can you please do a how-to?”

So, voila, here I am ready to bring you a metallic eyes pictorial. Thank you @Roefie33 for requesting!!

Here is what I used:

brushes for pomegranate look 1


pomegranate look palette

I used my Stila “In the Know” palette for the crease and outer eye lid color.

pomegranate punk lookI used “Pomegranate Punk” color from Maybeline’s 24 Color Tattoo collection for my entire eyelid up to the crease.

Please remember before you start a look, to make it last all day (or night), prime your eyelid with a primer.

nyx shadow base and primer

This is NYX Eyeshadow Primer and Base, the base just makes whatever color you apply POP.

metallic look 11

  1. Apply the “pomegranate punk” color to your eye lid
  2. Using the crease brush apply a darker color to your crease. It doesn’t have to be the exact brown color I used.

metallic look 22

3. Blend the crease color into your crease and the eyelid color

4. Add the darkest color to the outer part of your eye lid

metallic look 33

5. Blend the outer eye color into the eye lid color and also about half way into the crease color

6. Smudge the “pomegranate punk” color onto the lower lash line

metallic look 44

7. Line the upper and lower lash line using a black eye liner pencil or a eye liner pencil of your choice.

8. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes

metallic look 55

9 & 10. I just wanted you to be able to see what it looked like completed with my eye open and closed.

Okay glamazons, I hope you found this useful. Any questions feel free to leave a comment, tweet me something beautiful on twitter @EttaIncredible, or e-mail me ettasthreads@gmail.com.

What do you think of the metallic look?

X’s and O’s




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