My Holy Grail Skin Care Regimen {Starting Off}

I have decided to take part in the “Starting Off Project” which is a series of posts designed to help someone who is just diving into the wonderful world of beauty. It will last for 10 weeks and each week highlights a different topic. This weeks topic is skincare.

I have stressed on here before how crucial it is to have a skincare regimen as part of your daily routine. Your skin is your canvas, you need to have a great canvas to start with…

fresh face

This is me, rolling out of bed, fresh faced. Not bragging, just showing you what my skin and face looks like without the makeup.

Before I show you the pretty pictures of my skin care products let me enlighten you on my skin care journey. When I was in high school, I had acne. I don’t mean the occasional pimple here and there that a “zit zapper” could take care of. I mean, I had acne. My cheeks would break out extremely bad and the area right where my jaw bone is. Needless to mention, I had breakouts on my chest and back. It was bad and I was unhappy and it didn’t help my self confidence at all. I went to countless dermatologist and was on countless creams. Creams that would bleach anything my face would touch. Eventually, my millionth dermatologist (yes, I am being a drama queen right there) recommended accutane. Accutane, which I believe is not available in the US due to the horrendous side effects some people have been faced with, is a powerful acne medication. I was at my last resort. I know some people think “Why don’t you just wash your face more often?” No, it is so much deeper than that (literally) it comes down to genetics and the makeup of your skin. I was scrubbing my face until it was raw and I would still experience break outs. I started taking accutane my senior year in highschool (’07) and it immediately cleared up my skin. However, along with the clear skin came the extremely dry, sensitive skin.  Another side effect was the really bad joint pains (which I still get). With the power of the drug, came the side affects. In all honesty, I probably would do it again if I had to repeat my high school years (Not that I would willingly repeat high school I loathed it) . Maybe I am just vain, but having clear and healthy skin is important to me.

However, post accutane I still didn’t have a skin regimen in place. My skin was clear, but I don’t really believe it was healthy. Finally, now that I am 24 (you do the math for how many years it took me to get a good skin regimen) I have found and discovered the beauty behind a good skincare regimen.

What I am using now…

skincare so

I introduce you to my holy grail skincare regimen.

  • H2O Marine Daily Hydrator (oil-free)– this moisturizer is the truth. It is fragrance free and it doesn’t just sit on your skin. I have tried moisturizers that seem to just sit on my skin over night and never really soak in. My skin tends to still be oily, so that whole sitting on the skin business is a no go for me. Even though my skin is oily, after washing it it feels very dry. A light, hydrating moisturizer is all I need for my skin to feel great!
  • Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic 3% face wash– this face wash is meant to soften and exfoliate the skin. It is anti-aging, but bought it to clarify my skin and even out my skin tone. Which it has done, and it has done it well. I use this face wash in the morning time.
  • Clarisonic– I absolutely love my clarisonic. It leaves my face feeling extremely clean and I can tell my skin has benefited from using it regularly. I use it twice a day, morning and night.
  • Korres Milk & Protein foaming cream cleanser– I recently just purchased this at Sephora, about a month ago, and it is such an amazing product.  It is a gentle cleanser that is soap-free. It removes all the impurities and hydrates your skin at the same time. I use this at night before I go to sleep because it removes all the makeup, and other gunk from the day, off of my face.  This is on clearance right now at my local Sephora for only $4.99 and online it is $21.00!! I am telling you, look out for their clearance products because they have a lot of good deals!!


Need some close ups?

 skincare so 3

skincare so 2

Now, I leave you hoping that you understand the importance of a good skin care regimen. Please check out my previous post with a more in depth review of the Clarisonic and Peter Thomas Roth face wash.

Please keep in mind that this is what works for ME. What works for one person may not work for the next one and it may not work for me a year from now. However, I do hope that you are able to find this article helpful and maybe add one of these products to your regimen! Remember, do not get discouraged if something doesn’t work out, it does take time.

What do you use on your beautiful face?

X’s and O’s



5 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Skin Care Regimen {Starting Off}

  1. Girl, I just went on Bloglovin, and saw your beautiful smile on this post on the sidebar! So glad you’re part of the SO initiative! You are just as beautiful w/o makeup! And one would never know you had acne! Fortunately, I never had to deal with the heartache of acne. If I had a kid with it, I would march them to the derm, and do whatever it took. I think it’s especially hard for girls to go through. So brave to share your story. Makes me wuv you even mo!!! You are as beautiful inside as you are outside! Proud to have you as my blog sister!! xo

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