I love earth tones…

kat von d look one

I recently purchased one of Kat Von D’s “True Romance” trio eye shadow palette in “Dreamer”. I bought it because I love earth tone colors and have been wanting to try her beauty line. The Sephora in my city had a few of her trio eye shadow palettes on clearance for $10.Β  On the Sephora website it costs $24. I will repeat myself again, look through the clearance section when you shop it will not hurt!!

kat von d palette colloage

The colors are neutral and blend well. You can create a very simple look or make it dramatic by adding the darkest color to your crease, outer corner of your eyelid, and lining the bottom lash line.

Here is the look I created…

kat von d palette look one

Confession: I have used this palette almost everyday since I bought it last Saturday.

I used the middle color on my lid.

The darkest color is part way in my crease and outer corner of lid. I also lined my bottom lash line using the darkest color.

The lightest shimmery color was used on the inner corner of my lid.

I didn’t think I would love this palette as much as I do. I loved the colors, but I wasn’t sure how the colors would go with my skin tone. This has been my go to palette for the past week. I think it is a necessity for a simple everyday look. If you have access to her beauty line, try it!!

Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s products? If so, what do you recommend?Β  If not, what are you wanting to try?

X’s and O’s


14 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. I was in the States 2 yrs back and I am a huge tattoo fan (owner of 5 so far) and I wanted to get myself one of her palettes and never did it … And guess what .. Bummer, because I can’t get them here in Bulgaria and shipping is super pricey 😦
    So no… never tried any of her stuff, even though I love them and I would love to get myself the tattoo concealer …
    Loved your look though πŸ˜‰

  2. I love your hair curly! Like your last post, when I went to my Bloglovin home page, here was your beautiful face. Totally drawn to read your post because you are so GORGEOUS.

    If you read the comments on your last post, about the same comment from me.

    So proud to see how your blog has grown!!! xo

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