Something you should know…


Before you roll your eyes and flip your hair at my self-loving crusade, understand that at one point in time I had no where near the level confidence I posses now. Believe me when I say at times I still struggle and I always will. I will say it again, knowing that you are beautiful, handsome, sexy, hot, etc. does not mean you are vain or conceited. It means that you love and appreciate yourself. People can tell you that you are gorgeous all day long BUT you have to believe that you are gorgeous. You have to allow yourself to love yourself.  Your own happiness and worth is not gauged upon what people say around you or how they make you feel. Happiness and worth are internal feelings that each of us posses and some are still struggling to find. Granted, everyday isn’t perfect and it’s okay to have days where you feel like you hate the world. All I’m saying is…

Just be yourself, no one can resist that…

Don’t spend hours trying to make yourself like someone else because in the end you will be dissapointed because you can’t be anyone but yourself. Learn to love yourself, rely upon yourself, and remember you create your own happiness.

X’s and O’s


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