Take Me to Oz {#1}

Rosie of A Red Lip and Nude Shoe and I have decided to due a series of collaboration posts highlighting Spring in Australia and Fall in the U.S. It fascinates me that we will be going through different seasons and I would love to know what is trending in OZ.

Needless to say, I will be living vicariously through Rosie during the winter months while she enjoys her spring and summer!!

Rosie Says:


How do I love lipstick, let me count the ways…well here’s three at least! Etta and I wanted to do a series of posts about our fabulous lives on either side of the planet and what better way to start then to talk about our favourite seasons autumn and spring. Spring is definitely in the air here in Melbourne. Flowers are blooming and finally people are starting to pop some colour back into their lives, thank god! I got my first pedicure of the season the other day in anticipation of wearing sandals and showing off my tootsies after being in stockings for the last 3 months.

I was so happy to hear during MSFW that bright, vivid colours were in this season (but did they really go out?). These are going to be my go-to lipsticks this spring to add some vibrancy and colour pop to my look.
rosie lips
Bobbi Brown in “Old Hollywood No.2” / Maybelline in “Color Sensational Electric Orange No.912” / Clinique in “Chubby Stick Pudgy Peony No.15”

rosie lips part 1
rosie spring

I’ve seen orange lips are going crazy this season, so this Maybelline lipstick will definitely be in the handbag at all time. What are you favourite colours for this season?


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