Princess Collection

Tiana Collage

First and fore most, please excuse my absence. I started back to school (yes, at the University I have been dreaming about for 2 years) and I was sick. I literally was just laying around for about 3 days. I am finally feeling better and I am on the mend. I got caught up with my school work and now I can blog to my heart’s content.

In the above picture I am wearing Star Crushed Minerals shadows in Tiana (yes, as in princess Tiana from the princess collection) and olive pink which is an amazing and versatile color. On my cheeks I am wearing Star Crushed Minerals blusher in Mauve-O-Lous.  I am sorry but I don’t remember what I was wearing on my lips for this look.

Tell me something new that is happening in your life!

X’s and O’s

*I do not get paid or sent free product from Star Crushed Minerals to provide reviews to my readers.


5 thoughts on “Princess Collection

  1. The shadows are pretty, where do I buy that brand? Something new happening? I took a leap of faith after crunching the numbers and left a job that my earnings went to getting me there. No real payout. I said, I’d rather scale back my lifestyle and be home for my children. BOOM. Just like that. I’m on month 2 and back to contracting myself out (paralegal) and controlling my schedule. We shall see what God has next. 😉

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