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Erzulie Cosmetics

Yes,  I am always on the search for the next best thing. In this case though, I have found it!

I am always scouring Etsy and staring at all the crafty things people make. The other day I stumbled upon Erzulie Cosmetics which is a natural and organic mineral makeup shop.

I was browsing through their shop and noticed there was every form of makeup you could think of from lip products to concealers to bronzer.  I was particularly interested in their liquid mineral foundations. When it comes to foundation, I feel that I am always lost because it seems everything is too light or too dark. After staring at their color chart I decided to contact their shop owner, whose name is Rhonda, and she was amazing at helping match me to my perfect shade. I sent her a picture of my makeup less face and she matched me up. She then sent me out a few samples, one of the medium tan liquid foundation (which is the one she matched me to), one of the cream medium dark foundation, and one of the goddess glow bronzer. I was shocked when she didn’t charge me for the samples because a lot of the shops do. She sent the samples my way that very same day and they arrived in my mailbox today.

Honestly, I was thinking “I bet none of the foundations match my skin tone”. Let me tell you, I have never been so glad to be completely wrong. The medium tan foundation is a perfect match!! When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT!!

ezrulie cosmetics

I was amazed at the fact that it was a completely perfect match and that from a picture she was able to know which one would go with my skin color.

The foundation reminds me of a mousse, light and airy. It provides great coverage and I have been wearing it all day with no problems.

 erzulie samples

erzulie samples 2

Generously sized samples and I love the bronzer!!

If you are looking for quality natural beauty products, Erzulie is the place to go!!

Erzulie Cosmetics Shop

What shops have you found on Etsy that you love?



The UGG trend

I have always had mixed feelings about UGG boots…


This picture was on the UGG Facebook page a few days ago.

Okay, so I can’t lie and say these are not cute. I love bows and I love lavender!! It’s not that I totally despise UGG boots, I just think they are odd shaped or maybe they just look shapeless to me. Every time I see a pair I think of a moon shoe. I know they are probably a little piece of heaven for your feet but for some reason I can’t bring myself to fall in line with the UGG trend.

Now their other actual boots, fashion boots I mean, are absolutely amazing!!

ugg boot

THIS is a boot!! Beautiful Italian leather and so sleek!!

Love this boot? Click Here

If I were to invest in UGG anything, it would be a pair of boots like this! If you like the classic UGG boot, there is nothing wrong with that. It is not my personal preference because I don’t like how they look. I love the look of the lavender ones but I wouldn’t wear them. I would sleep in the black pair and wear them like my life depended on it!!

What is your preference, the classic or fashion UGG boots?

From Shea Moisture: Black Soap & Skin Healing Elixir

Do you shave?

I don’t have a lot of body hair but I do shave my legs, armpits, and bikini area regularly. Every once in awhile I will get an ingrown hair or razor bump which are not comfortable and they really aren’t fun to look at. I am more prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs when it comes to my bikini area and that is the worst possible place to have them. I have tried a few products that say they will eliminate “Ingrown hairs” or “Unsightly razor bumps” and none of those products actually did what they said.  I wanted something that would help my skin heal.

When you shave (or wax or thread or whatever) any area of your body, you are opening up the pores. When you have open pores you are more prone to bacteria which can cause infections.

So how do I handle shaving? (I make it sound so ritualistic)

1) Never, ever, ever do I shave my skin while it is dry. That is just asking for razor burn, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and everything else unsightly and painful.

2) Prior to shaving I exfoliate my skin with black soap and a sea foam sponge.

african black soap

I recommend this soap to anyone and everyone. Why? 1) I absolutely love Shea Moisture products!! If you haven’t tried any of their products, try some because they are amazing!! 2) Because it is not harsh on your skin and if you do have problematic skin or acne prone skin it can help clear it up and prevent it from happening. I purchased this at Wal-Mart for $4.78 and the size of this bar of soap will last you quite some time.

3) I don’t have a special razor but I am very picky about my shaving cream. I use EOS shave cream. I like EOS shave cream because it is an actual cream and it is moisturizing and reduces the chance of me cutting myself while shaving.

4) After I am done shaving, I exfoliate again using the black soap and sea foam sponge. Then I spray some of Shea Moisture’s skin healing elixir on.

honey and black seed

Now let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. It truly does heal and protect. I must warn you though, it does burn but that is okay because that is what it is supposed to do. On the back of the bottle it says “Don’t be afraid of the tingle, it’s for your own good!” and it really is for your own good. Since using this I have not experienced an ingrown hair or razor bump. Not only does it take care of razor bumps and ingrown hairs it also helps with skin discoloration. I got this at Target for $7.99 and it is worth every single penny.  Oh, and it smells amazing!!

Just so you know, Shea Moisture products are made out of organic ingredients, cruelty free, and worth every single penny!

The process doesn’t take long and it is worth it when it comes to the health of my skin.

What items do you use for shaving?

Desert Wind

Stila’s  “in the know” palette is one of my favorites…

stila palette for look

Today, I wanted to show you a simple 4 step look.

stila collage numbered

Before you start, prime your lid with your favorite primer. Mine currently is NYX primer.

1) Cover eyelid using Desert

2) Put driftwood onto crease and blend

3) Apply 2-3 coats of mascara. I used NYX wonder pencil in medium on my water line. To highlight my brow bone I used the color wind.

4) Apply mascara to bottom lashes if desired.

stila look 7 done

You, my darling, are done!!! For my lips, I went with a nude lip and I used NYX rouge in orange.

I didn’t want to use any eyeliner because I wanted a very simple look.

Remember to get a look, you do not have to use the same products. You can use similar products to get this look as well!!



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Magic Perfecting Base

Why did I not view face primer as an essential until now?

I became tired of my facial makeup not lasting all day long. I would look in the mirror mid-day only to realize that the makeup I had so expertly applied, was no longer fresh looking. I have oily/dry/sensitive skin. Yes, believe me, that combination is possible. My t-zone area, my nose and the area right between my brows tend to get oily throughout the day. I tried finishing powders and sprays, but still, my mineral foundation wasn’t lasting.

I than started doing research on facial primers and which ones were highly recommended. Quite honestly, I didn’t want to spend $30 on a tube that held only 1 oz of primer. When I was browsing the web I noticed there wasn’t a lot of reviews, if any, that talked about what drugstore primers were “holy grail” products. So, I took the matters into my own hands and found what I now consider a “holy grail” face primer from the drugstore. The best part, it only cost $12.

magic perfecting base

L’OREAL ‘s perfecting base is the real deal!

magic perfecting base 2

It is an extremely light weight product

magic perfecting base 3

This primer is so smooth and feels like silk when you rub it onto your face. A little goes a long way, I think the jar will last me quite some time.

primer on face

You apply little dots of the primer to your face and then you blend it in with your fingers in circular motions. I put it all over because I want my whole face to be primed and ready!!!

pomegranate punk and SCM 2

As you can tell, it blends nicely and keeps your face matte!!


There is not a thing I do not like about this primer! I apply my makeup around 7 a.m. and I don’t take it off till around 8 p.m. (depending on my events that day). At the end of the day with this primer, my face is still matte and it looks like my makeup was just applied.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely!! I think it is totally worth the $12-$13 (depending on where you get it) because it is a quality product at an affordable price.  It is a great product if you want a matte, smooth finish. My skin, like I said earlier, can become very oily in my t-zone area but when I use this I don’t have to worry about it.  I will definetley buy this again!

Do you use a primer for your face?