The UGG trend

I have always had mixed feelings about UGG boots…


This picture was on the UGG Facebook page a few days ago.

Okay, so I can’t lie and say these are not cute. I love bows and I love lavender!! It’s not that I totally despise UGG boots, I just think they are odd shaped or maybe they just look shapeless to me. Every time I see a pair I think of a moon shoe. I know they are probably a little piece of heaven for your feet but for some reason I can’t bring myself to fall in line with the UGG trend.

Now their other actual boots, fashion boots I mean, are absolutely amazing!!

ugg boot

THIS is a boot!! Beautiful Italian leather and so sleek!!

Love this boot? Click Here

If I were to invest in UGG anything, it would be a pair of boots like this! If you like the classic UGG boot, there is nothing wrong with that. It is not my personal preference because I don’t like how they look. I love the look of the lavender ones but I wouldn’t wear them. I would sleep in the black pair and wear them like my life depended on it!!

What is your preference, the classic or fashion UGG boots?


19 thoughts on “The UGG trend

  1. I think I would like them more if I didn’t think of the busted ones I’m always seeing around. I hear Ugg’s and think of people in sweat pants, and the shoe itself is leaning and folded over on itself. *shudders* Nope, no Ugg’s for me!

  2. I have a pair of UGG “fashion” boots, much like the one pictured. They are so damned uncomfortable! I hate them. Luckily I got them at TJ Maxx for a steal. Less than $100. I do have the pair with the bows, but in brown. Those were the first pair I ever thought was cute. Of course, I don’t get much chance to wear them here in Georgia ๐Ÿ˜‰

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