Erzulie Cosmetics

Yes,  I am always on the search for the next best thing. In this case though, I have found it!

I am always scouring Etsy and staring at all the crafty things people make. The other day I stumbled upon Erzulie Cosmetics which is a natural and organic mineral makeup shop.

I was browsing through their shop and noticed there was every form of makeup you could think of from lip products to concealers to bronzer.  I was particularly interested in their liquid mineral foundations. When it comes to foundation, I feel that I am always lost because it seems everything is too light or too dark. After staring at their color chart I decided to contact their shop owner, whose name is Rhonda, and she was amazing at helping match me to my perfect shade. I sent her a picture of my makeup less face and she matched me up. She then sent me out a few samples, one of the medium tan liquid foundation (which is the one she matched me to), one of the cream medium dark foundation, and one of the goddess glow bronzer. I was shocked when she didn’t charge me for the samples because a lot of the shops do. She sent the samples my way that very same day and they arrived in my mailbox today.

Honestly, I was thinking “I bet none of the foundations match my skin tone”. Let me tell you, I have never been so glad to be completely wrong. The medium tan foundation is a perfect match!! When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT!!

ezrulie cosmetics

I was amazed at the fact that it was a completely perfect match and that from a picture she was able to know which one would go with my skin color.

The foundation reminds me of a mousse, light and airy. It provides great coverage and I have been wearing it all day with no problems.

 erzulie samples

erzulie samples 2

Generously sized samples and I love the bronzer!!

If you are looking for quality natural beauty products, Erzulie is the place to go!!

Erzulie Cosmetics Shop

What shops have you found on Etsy that you love?




7 thoughts on “Erzulie Cosmetics

  1. I always have a problem with my foundation too! It always makes me look super pale and when I try to go a shade darker it throws everything off because then it looks too dark. I will definitely be looking these cosmetics up.

  2. The foundation is in fact a perfect match for you and it looks really smooth. I still can’t find a foundation I love, my skin is a bit brownish with yellow, so hard to find a perfect match. I will check out the store 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Xo, Elba

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