Blue Knit

I love knit just as much as I love lace…

winter ready

I am in love with knit clothing items! During this winter season I crave all things cozy. Probably the one thing I love about winter is the clothing. Since I am not meant for weather conditions such as snow, ice, and rain I have started to learn the art of layering. Oh, what? You didn’t know I was meant to be running around on a beach with sand between my toes! A girl can dream right?!

Anyways, so what sparked my interest in layering? This very picture right here:

free people layering

I saw a post on how to layer on the Free People Blog during the summer and I fell in love.

Then I also saw this Vogue ad and thought she looked so AMAZING:

vogue layering

Layering is really simple. It looks complicated because of the amount of threads you’re dealing with but it is all about what makes you feel cozy and comfortable during these cold winter months! Stay tuned for more posts on layering and other winter style favorites.

Stay Warm,



One thought on “Blue Knit

  1. Beautiful scarf! Perfect season for knit wear and my go-to place is etsy. There’s so many items there I want. My cart is full of my wish list =) This scarf looks beautiful and that color really goes well with your outfit. I’m also a big fan of layering, although I don’t really have much of an excuse to do that in SoCal, but I pretend =)

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