Raw Beauty

What is your perception of beauty?

Lana Del Rey posted this picture to her Facebook page this morning for her video Tropico and she has been receiving a lot of ridicule via the comments. As we all know, people can be ruthless when they are hiding behind a keyboard.

lana del rey

There is one thing that I know for sure: Be unapologetically proud of who you are. Flaws and all. If you are, no one can make you feel less then them and they can’t tear you down. I applaud Lana for taking this photo and not having it photo shopped or airbrushed to perfection. We live in a world wear we strive for unrealistic perfection. Perfection does not exist and beauty is perceived differently by everyone. However, why do we continue to tear each other down and hold others to the standards we know don’t exist?

In a world of filters, airbrushing, photoshop, and whatever else have you it is easy to think that perfection does exist. I absolutely love it when people don’t edit themselves to oblivion. It makes them raw, real, and beautiful. That is reality.

Thoughts on this matter?




7 thoughts on “Raw Beauty

  1. I hate photoshop, and I refuse to buy it! Good for her, for posting a raw, flash, in the moment picture…. women have lumps and bumps and should be proud of themselves. The world is a strange place today!

    • I agree, I don’t have it either nor will I buy it. People always over do it with editing and photoshop. Photographers are the only people that I believe need it because it’s part of their work. BUT not for people’s bathroom selfies LOL.
      Exactly!! Be proud of who you are!!

      • I think even photographers are going overboard with it, all the wedding photos I see today are touched up…. I know you’re supposed to look great on your wedding day, but your husband still needs to know who is in those pics!!!

  2. Lana is such a huge talent. Kudos to her for being courageous enough to be who she is in a photo. Photoshop just perpetuates women feeling inadequate/needing to measure up to some ridiculous ideal. Makes me sick.

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