Holiday Glimmer #4

I am going to welcome 2014 with open arms…

Not everything from 2013 was bad, but everything that happened was life changing.  Are you ready for a new year?

New Years eve collab

I am absolutely, positively ready for the new year!!

For this look, I used a silver eyeliner pencil on my lid and then a darker silver eyeshadow in my crease. To get a cream color to last longer, use a primer and also put a little bit of mineral powder or the same color eyeshadow over it.

Where will you be bringing in the new year?


9 thoughts on “Holiday Glimmer #4

      • That yaaay, you will look perfect ! I haven’t decided yet, I probably won’t wear much makeup since we’re spending the new year week in a cabin in the mountains o_0 ehhh… but I will live through your pictures when you post your look of the night hehe ❤

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