Holiday Glimmer #7

Metallic colors are perfect for a New Year’s Eve look…

My lovely friend Dimi from Aesthetic Perfections has created a gorgeous metallic look for New Year’s!

Hello ladies!
I am very happy to again be making a post for my dear friend Etta.
She approached me with the idea of making a Holiday look, so here’s what I came up with.
I think this look is more of the “New Years Eve” type, because its more metallic and bold
I’ve used the Sleek “Sparkle” limited edition palette for the silver (inner corner), bright metallic blue (middle of the lid) and matte silver for blending. For the crease and the outer corner I’ve used Star Crushed Minerals “Teal”. Waterline is AVON “Supershock” eye pencil in blue. Some mascara and some sparkle on your lips and you’re all set 😉
Don’t forget your whole face should be matte, because too much sparkle ain’t so good.
I wish you all magical holidays!
dimi holiday glimmer 2
dimi holiday glimmer 3 dimi holiday glimmer 4
dimi holiday glimmer
Thank you Dimi!! xo
I hope each of you are ready to enjoy the holidays xoxo


Holiday Glimmer #6

Red & Green is all you need for a festive look…

Rosie from A Red Lip and Nude Shoe created a simply gorgeous holiday look using green eyeshadow and, of course, bright red lips!!!

rosie holiday glimmer 1 rosie holiday glimmer 2 rosie holiday glimmer

I really love the simplicity of this look because all you need is a green eyeshadow, some liner, and red lipstick.

Are you ready for the holidays?

Holiday Glimmer #5

You can create a smokey eye with any color and it always looks gorgeous…

My beautiful friend Katie of Kalos Makeup Artistry created this green smokey eye for Holiday Glimmer.

Katie for Holiday Glimmer

I love this look!

This look is subtle and soft and could be recreated by any level of makeup junkie! All you would need is two different shades of green, one darker and one lighter!

What are your holiday plans?

Holiday Glimmer #4

I am going to welcome 2014 with open arms…

Not everything from 2013 was bad, but everything that happened was life changing.  Are you ready for a new year?

New Years eve collab

I am absolutely, positively ready for the new year!!

For this look, I used a silver eyeliner pencil on my lid and then a darker silver eyeshadow in my crease. To get a cream color to last longer, use a primer and also put a little bit of mineral powder or the same color eyeshadow over it.

Where will you be bringing in the new year?

Holiday Glimmer #3

Everyone is drunk for New years anyway right, why spend a year on your makeup?
Amy from Llewsoba is a talented makeup junkie and she is extremely funny. If you haven’t stopped by her page to show her some love and check out her looks, please do because you will not be dissapointed!! She also answers any makeup questions you may have!!
Today’s Holiday Glimmer is from Amy and she did two different looks for New Year’s Eve.
Llewsoba 1
For this look she used: Star Crushed Minerals Rockstar with matte black on the outer corner and silver glitter on the inside corver and under 1/3 of the bottom lash line.

llewsoba 2
I am completely envious of those red highlights!!!!
For this look she used: matte black shadow, over a black base and then ridiculous amounts of glitter. She added some warm brown above the black for warmth, and put gold glitter over that.
Makeup tip from Amy: All anyone would need for this (for eyes) would be a matte black, a blending color, and any kinds of glitter.
Are you ready for the new year?

Holiday Glimmer #2

A little holiday glimmer never hurt anyone…

For my “Holiday Glimmer” series I thought it would be more fun to present looks to you, not only from me, but from other people as well. I thought of this series so that I could give you, my readers, ideas and inspiration for holiday makeup and fashion looks. I have asked a few different people and I have given them the option of doing a look for Christmas or New Year’s.

For today, I asked my amazing friend Amy to create a look for the Holiday Glimmer series. She chose to do a sultry Christmas look!

Amy's Look

I fell in love with this look as soon as I saw it!

She used shadows from Star Crushed Minerals to get this look.

Colors used:

 Nearly Naked on the lid, candy apple red smudged with black in outer corner, meteor on the bottom lashes

Amy's Look 2

Like I said, I love this look and I will be re-creating it myself!

What are your holiday plans?



Holiday Glimmer #1

9 days until Christmas…

I must admit that Christmas isn’t as fun now as when I was little. But let’s be honest, there are a lot of things about adulthood that aren’t fun! I will always enjoy the time I get to spend with my family and the memories we make.

Since there is only 9 days to Christmas, I thought I would present you with a series of looks that you could possibly wear for Christmas day or even to a Christmas party!

Look #1

inglot 2 ET

I was finally able to get my hands on a beautiful red eyeshadow from Inglot courtesy of my friend Dimana of Aesthetic Perfections . She sent me a freedom systems palette that has a red eyeshadow and purple lip color. My two favorite colors are red and purple so you can imagine my excitement when I received the palette!

I also used a color from Star Crushed Minerals called “Golden Peach” it is one of my favorite colors from Star Crushed Minerals. I applied golden peach to my crease and blended it out all the way up to my brow bone. I then used “Moondust” on the inner corner of my eye as a highlight.

I used a black eyeliner pencil to line my top and bottom lashes and used liquid eyeliner to draw on the wing. Makeup tip I have found it easier to create winged eyeliner with the use of both pencil and liquid eyeliner. I line my top and bottom lashes with the pencil and then draw on the wing with the liquid.


I think for this look I should have used a red lip BUT I love it none the less. Let me know if any of you are interested in a pictorial or video for this look!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?