Purple & Gold

Bright colors are everything…

chi chi palette look 2

I really love this look. Let me show you what I used!

chi chi palette items

I used:

Chi Chi Brights Palette (Rosie this palette has become an essential!!)

bareMinerals Foundation N40

Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash in “Pop Purple”

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in “Beach Please”

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon eyeliner in a teal color

I forgot to picture the H.I.P. lip color in “Arresting”

chi chi palette look


Hope you’re having an amazing Monday!!!


Wet n Wild Balm Stain

wet n wild balm stain s

Lady and the Vamp & Pinky Promise

These balm stains are the real deal. I picked these up a little over a week ago from Walgreen’s. Wet n Wild launched this line of lip stains for Spring 2014. I couldn’t pass these up because I love lip stains and they are extremely affordable. They are originally $2.99 but they have an instant $1.00 off coupon wrapped around the cap making them $1.99. Which to me, isn’t a big loss if I ended up hating them.

Let me show you how they look on…

wet n wild balm stain lady and the vamp s

Lady and the Vamp Balm Stain

This color is a true stain. When I say true, I mean it will seriously stain your lips and last all day. I love that it provides moisture and not only color. Since it did stain my lips so well, it took quite a bit of rubbing at the end of the day to get the color off.

pinky promise

Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is a beautiful shimmer color. The shimmer does last all day while moisturizing your lips.

Do I recommend these?

Absolutely, if you are looking for a long lasting, affordable, moisturizing lip stain these Wet n Wild balm stains are a must have!!!

What are your favorite lip stains?


I love going to a shop and finding things that speak to me…

I went to my favorite thrift shop and picked up some new treasures. I have found that thrift shops that are like boutiques have much better finds.

World Market Bag

Patina is a local thrift shop that always has the most unique items. The owner of the shop had this bag on her sorting rack. I knew it wasn’t out yet but I had to check it out because it was so unique and vibrant…needless to say I brought it home with me.  My birthday is right around the corner so this bag is going to be incorporated into my birthday outfit!!

statement makeup

I also picked up this statement necklace. I love the gold and the the sprinkles of paint on the circle piece. I purchased this to go with a dress I also bought that is straight from the 90’s. There is nothing like finding an amazing statement piece at an affordable price.

Remember, thrift shops can be your best friend. I am on a budget and I want to get the most bang for my buck and thrift shops provide me with that.  Plus, I really like vintage pieces and unique things and thrift shops, like Patina, feed my craving.

Do you go thrift shopping? What have you found that you love?

Slate Eyes & Berry Lips

haunted collage

I love this combination of colors!!

To get this look I used:

Coastal Scents 120 palette #5 (I mixed a few different colors together)

Fergie’s Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in Cabernet

Erzulie Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation in Medium Tan

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

Maybelline’s Big Eyes Mascara

The Sun and A Pop Of Color

Just because the weather may suck during winter doesn’t mean your color selection has to as well…

pop of color

I know it’s so cliche to talk about the weather but the weather here has been absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the sun while it is out  and so does my little dog Cairo.

Even if the sun wasn’t out, I would still wear my bright yellow shirt and bright blue scarf. I think it’s ridiculous that when the weather changes people stop wearing bright and cheery colors. I think everyday deserves a little pop of color!

Do you switch the colors in your wardrobe from season to season?



This is true. I know that as soon as I think of something that I want to do, I start doubting myself. When I direct my focus with persistence and determination I am able to achieve things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

I was talking to my friend Karen of KP Says and she told me that the sacrifices I make now will allow me to be able to do what I want in the future. That advice resonated with me and I have heard it in my mind since she said it.

Right now, I am a mother, wife, and full time college student. I often times have thought to myself life would be so much easier if I just dropped out of school to go back to work. In reality, no life wouldn’t be easier. I wouldn’t progress and I would end up regretting it.  I love to learn, I crave to learn and with that knowledge I am going to achieve great things. I am willing to make whatever sacrifices I need to so that my family and I can have a better future.

I have always been one to look at life as a whole. Meaning, I realize that what I do and focus on right now is going to affect my future. For example, my husband’s family lives in New York City. We can’t go every year like we want to because it is financially unrealistic. Yes, it would be amazing to see them and for them to be able to see our son. But, bills don’t stop coming because you want to enjoy life. I know that in a few years when I graduate from college we will be able to see them once a year like we dream about.

This whole conversation started because Karen had a review of a Chanel lipstick she bought. I said “Splurging on makeup every once is awhile is okay right?” and she said “No, it’s not okay!”. I absolutely love when people are blunt and honest with me. Karen is older than me and when she was in her 20’s she made the necessary sacrifices so that she is able to travel where she wants and indulge in things that are high end.  At this point in MY life, no, it’s not okay for me to be splurging on makeup, clothes, or anything that is not a necessity. I need to remain focused on the bigger picture and that is eventually we will be able to go where we want and buy what we please. Right now, we are are making the necessary sacrifices so that we can do just that.

I felt the need to share this with you all of you because I feel like we live in a time where no one really does direct their focus. Everyone wants that instant gratification even if it does mean that they will go without necessities. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to go to school and be a full time mom. A lot of people would kill for that and I am not going to take it for granted. Funny, the lessons you learn from makeup…

So, what is your focus?

Highlighting Is Powerful

Highlighting can totally change your look…

Eye lite before and after collage stamp

Isn’t that awesome?!

I used Erzulie Cosmetics Eylite pencil. In the above picture, I am not wearing any mascara. The pencil helped give me a more defined eyebrow arch and look more awake when applied to the inner corner of my eye.

To be honest, I never understood the purpose of highlighting. After using the eyelite pencil I fully understand why someone would want to highlight their brow bone and inner corner of their eye.

eyelite pencil 2 etta's threads

eyelite pencil etta's threads

before and after eyelite with makeup

After I applied my eye makeup.

It is an amazing pencil and one that I can truly recommend to others. The eyelite pencil can be used on all skin tones.

Do you highlight certain areas of your face?

You can find the Eyelite pencil HERE

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