Saturday Read: Hyde by Lauren Stewart

If I had to choose books or makeup. It would be books…shocking, I know!

I have always been fascinated with the fact that you can completely lose yourself in a book. It’s amazing to me that authors can create whole worlds and characters that move you and make you feel emotion.

I will read just about everything and anything.

The latest book I have read is…


Hyde is the first installment of the Hyde Book series. The fact that the author, Lauren Stewart, was inspired by the original Jekyll and Hyde is what intrigued me. This book captivated and consumed me from beginning to end. I say consume because I was literally up all night reading this book just so I could find out what happened next. This book is for adults and has cursing, sex, and dark themes.

The two main characters of this book are Mitchell Turner and Eden Colfax.

Mitchell (Mitch) is an all around douche-bag type guy. The kind you know you shouldn’t love, but you love him anyways. He is charismatic, handsome, and witty. Mitch has a dark past and a monster inside of him  scratching at the surface everyday waiting to be released.

Then enters Eden who ignites something inside of him.

Eden’s character really develops through out the story. She starts off as what seems to be this naive, helpless girl. Eden believes that if she is honest and loyal she can erase the demons from her past. She quickly realizes that not everyone is who they seem to be. Not even herself.

The books starts off with Eden waking up in Mitch’s bed and her having no memory of how she got there or why she is there. Now, before you think “What the hell kind of crap is she reading?” it’s not what you think! For Eden this is a total shock because she is not that kind of girl. Mitch, however,  is singing praises to the gods because he has never had a connection with anyone like he does with Eden. That little high of his comes down, crashing and burning, when Eden says she doesn’t remember what happened.  Needless to say Mitch is pissed (and hurt) that Eden claims to not remember the best night of his life.

Mitch and Eden do not know that they are intertwined in countless ways.

My thoughts?

This book is now one of my favorites and I am currently reading the second book of the series. I am going to be honest, at first I wasn’t expecting this book to be so…gripping and amazing. I love the complication of Jekyll and Hyde and Lauren Stewart did an outstanding job of incorporating some of the elements from the original Jekyll and Hyde into her own modern story. This book is fresh and interesting! For awhile I was worried about the urban fantasy genre because all the books that came out were about vampires and werewolves. Excuse me while I throw up. I was so sick and fucking tired of vampires and werewolves and then entered Hyde. My little glimmer of light in a sea of books lacking originality. As I said before, I was captivated and consumed from beginning to end.

Currently, Hyde is free for Amazon Kindle and you can find it HERE! You can’t really beat free.

Let me know the last book you read in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Read: Hyde by Lauren Stewart

  1. I love books so much too. You know a book is fabulous when you’re still thinking about the characters after you’ve finished. At the moment it’s like I’m going through a dry patch of ordinary books, nothing stands out, which is driving me nuts. Always up for suggestions 😘

    • Agreed!! LOL borderline obsessed with the charachters of the book. I hate when that happens. Then there are times that I read a book and wonder “How in the hell did this get published?!” What genre of books are you into?

      • Mixed bag/anything, although in saying that I cannot read sci fi or fantasy and not into YA either. I’m a fan if anything that’s well written and has a gripping story

  2. What a fantastic, blush-inducing review, Etta! 🙂 Thank you. When I wrote Hyde, I had no idea how many of the traditional writing rules I was breaking. But my favorite authors are those who push boundaries, make you really think, and are never predictable. So that’s what I try to do. And I also spend most of my time crossing my fingers. Lol

    • Thank you for reading!! 🙂 Made my day and I am glad you enjoyed the review. I agree with you, there are not a lot of authors who push boundaries. Not that they are bad authors I just don’t like books that have already been written a million times over and the only discerning difference is the character names. When I read Hyde, it truly was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for pushing the boundaries and writing something amazing!!

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