Cinnamon Bun

I have always loved the look of a bun, whether messy or neat.

cinnamon bun

I am learning that my hair does well with protective styling. What is protective styling? It is when you style the hair to protect it from any damaging elements. Which can be wind, snow, rain, sun, or even just everyday manipulation through styling. The styles you create can last a day or weeks, depending how you want to rock it.

Anyways, I had my hair out earlier today but decided to put it up because it started snowing outside. I didn’t want my hair to become a cold, frizzy mess so I went on the hunt for an easy style that I could do.

If you have natural hair, make sure you check out Whitney’s channel called Naptural85. She has videos from when she first got her big chop all the way to the gorgeous mane of hair she has now!

She had a video about simple styles to do for school or work and I liked how she did her bun. So I took my chances and attempted to do it myself. My hair was already stretched because it was in a twist out. I put my hair in a high pony tail and then started wrapping my ends around and pinning them in place to make it into a bun. It’s a really simple, quick style that you can wear high on your head or low depending on the look you are going for!!

In the end it reminded me of a cinnamon bun.

cinnamon bun 2

I had to bobby pin my little hairs in the back so they wouldn’t stray! And I added a headband just for some flare!!

Do you wear protective styles? How do you protect your hair from everyday wear and tear?


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