Lush — Is it worth it?

I finally made it to a Lush store…

Ever since I started blogging I have read the 5 star reviews on the items for Lush. I was excited to get into the store and try out some of the products.


I do like the fact that Lush uses fresh and organic products to create some of the items in their shops.

lush 2

I picked up a few items to see what all the hype was about. I always keep in mind, just because something does wonders for others does not mean that I am going to love it!!

lush 3

lush 4

I got their new soap called Neon Love, which I am hoping it lasts quite awhile considering it was $6.12 for 0.1951b. It costs $31.40 per lb, so to preserve what little I have I will break it down into pieces. I know your probably thinking “Well, why did you buy it if you thought it was too much?”.Β  I bought it because it smells so damn good! It is a mix of passion fruit and cinnamon.

I also purchased their charity pot. The unique thing about Lush’s charity pot is that 100% of the purchase price is donated to grassroots charities around the world. Which I think is pretty awesome. On top of all that goodness it smells really good! Can you tell I am a sucker for things that smell amazing? This lotion is made with organic cocoa butter, almond oil, and ylang ylang. The little pot costs $5.95 and the larger pot costs $22.95.

lush 5

As soon as I saw this bath bomb I knew I couldn’t leave the store without it. This is the Phoenix Rising bath bomb. I love the colors and the scent is apple cinnamon. I wasn’t aware that each bath bomb has a story behind it. The purpose or meaning of this bath bomb is to always keep the belief that great things can rise out the ashes, just like the mythical phoenix! One ofΒ  Lush’s statements is that “We believe in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.” This bath bomb costs $6.95.

lush 6

I was intrigued by their massage bars. I picked up the Close to You massage bar, it’s made with a mix of butters and a vanilla scent. And yes, you guessed it, this massage bar smells divine!! I thought this would be fun to share with my hubby. Since it is a massage bar it can be easily smooshed in between your hands for use. I am also considering breaking this down into pieces because it melts so easily and I think you could get more uses out of it that way. Also be sure that if you purchase a massage bar that you keep it somewhere cool. This costs $7.95.

lush 7

I picked up some FUN for my son. This stuff screams FUN!! It can be used as a moldable toy, soap, shampoo, or even for a bubble bath. I think this will liven up bath times. The blue FUN is made with Moroccan chamomile and lavender oils which are known to be soothing. This costs $6.95.

lush 8

The woman that gave me a full tour of the store swore by the Ocean Salt so she gave me a free sample. The sample jar holds a little more than a tablespoon and you only need a teaspoon of it to scrub your face. I tried this out last night as soon as we got home and I FELL IN LOVE!!!! It really does make your skin glow and this stuff does taste like the ocean. I know that sounds weird but some got on my lips and I tasted it and it tastes just like the ocean, which I think is amazing!! It is made with coconut, lime, and sea salt. It costs $21.95 for 4.2 oz and $35.95 for 8.8 oz.

The burning question, Is all of this worth it?

For these 5 items it cost $37.14 and yes, my eyes got really big when she announced my total. Yeah, look, I get it their stuff is “fresh and organic” but there are other shops out there that make the same products but for less. I think Lush is the soap version of Sephora or MAC. To me, it is a high end soap store. And yes, I get that their items are handmade and all that feel good stuff but, again, there are other shops out there that sell similar stuff for half the price. I know you are wondering “Well if it’s not worth it, then why did you buy all this stuff?” I bought it all because when you are in the moment and the sales people are telling you all the benefits, you succumb to some pretty outrageous things. One of my friends, who I won’t name (but you know who you are), bought a lip scrub and was kicking herself later for spending the $10 when it is something that could be made at home. In fact, I made my own lip scrub HERE with products that I have on hand everyday. Bottom line, I think Lush products are overpriced. After reading through their catalog I realized that some of their products contain parabens which a lot of companies, especially ones that claim to be “fresh and organic”, have cut out parabens from their ingredients completely. Why? Because parabens have been found to imitate the hormone estrogen which can cause problems in young girls such as hormone disruption. Also, parabens have been found in breast tissue that has developed cancerous cells. It’s not proof that parabens cause cancer but the possibility and the risk is still present. I always find it interesting when companies are fresh and organic but they use synthetic preservative in some of their products. That defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Even though their products smell divine, I won’t be buying from them again.

More information on Parabens also Google parabens if you like, there is a lot of information out there.

What do you think of Lush?


18 thoughts on “Lush — Is it worth it?

  1. It depends which kinds of parabens as fruits such as bluberries contain totally harmless ones. A paraben can be something natural that just stays in your body but I’m no expert! I adore LUSH but I mostly get my basics from there in big tubs (because I can’t be bothered to make my own) and I only request the more creative pretty things when it’s my birthday or christmas (as they are priced more as a treat item).

  2. Yeah, I’m getting to the end of the stuff I bought and I’m not really impressed. Its expensive, there are not many stores and I’m not driving 2 hours to go to Lush on the reg.

    I like how you dropped the lip scrub thing in there…. mmhmm!! I’m making lipscrub here soon, damnit!

    I would like to see a post about that fun thing though!

  3. Now that you’ve raised the subject I am starting to think twice about this brand too.
    I have bought a shampoo (dry round one) and a balancing “Veganese” conditioner. So far I have an allergic rash which came 36hours after I used both products. I have tiny red spots all over my hands, back and face and my head is itchy like hell. These two products are the only new cosmetics that I have just started using, so you can imagine I am thinking they are causing my problems. I will confirm this with my dermatologist the upcoming week and if it turns out true I will have to throw nearly 20$ away 😦 Which is too bad, because I’ve heard very good reviews about their hair care products.
    Apart from these two I have a shower kit, which was a gift to me, which contains lemons that dry my skin severely and I don’t like them that much, but I will use them up and I will definitely not buy again. They are totally overpriced, smells good, but not worth the dollar. I also located methylparaben in my conditioner, which is contradicts with their vegan theory, in my opinion. This is the paraben located in blueberries, but I am absolutely sure it didn’t came from the berries..
    So far my top bath/skin care brand is The Body Shop. Reasonable prices, much nicer packaging, no irritations so far, also cruelty free and so far I haven’t found parabens in the products I use.

  4. They’re super expensive in Oz too, and I just don’t get their appeal. It’s just fancy soap and bath bombs! I agree you can totally get the same products elsewhere for half the price. πŸ™‚

  5. Heya. πŸ™‚ Even though i’m not a big fan of Lush, my first though on the cute Phoenix Rising bath bomb was – oh hey, if that was a nail polish, i’d SO wear it this very minute πŸ˜‰
    Unfortunately most of Lush’s soaps do dry out my hands, so i stopped purchasing their products. Eve though some of the products do smell delicious.

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