Natural Hair Love : Trusty Twist Out

Good things don’t happen over night, they take time…

I haven’t been wearing my natural hair for that long but before I started wearing my hair out, I scoured the internet for styles and hair care tips. I saw all these flawless styles and thought it was going to be  a piece of cake, right? WRONG!! Why was I wrong? Everyone is different and that means EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. What works for one person may not work for me the way they did it, so I end up having to modify it to fit my needs. And let’s be honest here, YouTube leads you to believe everything is possible. My friend Amy, from Llewsoba, and I were talking about how before people film a tutorial they never tell you how many times they had to try it before they dub it their “first try”.

So in all honesty, I have attempted many twist outs before and have never been fully confident with the results. That is until I added two new things to my hair regimen.

Before I show you the amazing twist out, allow me to share with you my bloopers.

twist out #1

To me, this wasn’t terribly bad but it wasn’t the result I was looking for. This was my first twist out ever and progressively the results became better and better.


This was about a week after that one and as you can see the twist out is a bit more defined. The difference? I did the twist out on damp, nearly dry hair using As I am Twist Defining Cream.

acv hair 3

Even more definition I did smaller twists this time and I still used the As I am Twist Out Defining Cream.

And then…

twist out 317 smaller pic

THIS TWIST OUT GLORY HAPPENED!! When I took them out I said “Ahhh…success!” Bounce + Definition = Success in my book.

I added two new products to my regimen and I didn’t pull apart the twists. I only unraveled them because my hair becomes much to frizzy when I start pulling them apart. Plus, I prefer the more defined look.

authenticality co

You can find both of these at Authenticality Company and they have more natural and organic (yes, they really are natural and organic) hair and body products to choose from.

On the left is the 317 Total Moisture styling butter and on the right is Head to Toe Gorgeous conditioning hair and body butter. I can honestly say that both of these products have changed my hair for the better. My hair is frizzy and these two products have helped reduce the amount of frizz that occurs.

Remember, keep trying. Just because you don’t get the same results as someone else doesn’t mean that there isn’t something out there that works for you. And the first time isn’t always going to bring amazing results!

Have you repeatedly tried a style on your hair and got better results over time?


6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Love : Trusty Twist Out

  1. 🙂 Yes!!! Its such a pain when you think something is going to be so easy, and then you don’t get those results… usually leads to a freak out, things being thrown! >:)

    Your hair looks great!!!

  2. Your hair looks healthy and bouncy but also controlled. For years I paid attention to glossy magazines & white hairdressers torturing – I mean ‘styling’ tips (including brushing, straightening then tonging? And sticking hair into place). I ended up with a mass of dishevelled candy floss that was constantly trying to escape! I read about afro hair care now & my frizzy hair has never been healthier. Do you oil your hair/scalp before shampooing? Like you, I use a thick leave in conditioner on damp hair, then twist around my fingers quickly and blast roots-midlengths with cold air using a diffuser. Then I leave well alone untill dry & very gently separate x

  3. Those tutorials are very deceiving. Nobody ever has the same hair and I can never seem to replicate them. Ever. You look beautiful in each and every pic! My hair has frizz issues. I’ve had a hate-hate relationship with it for years. Love all your looks!

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