Baby Bump Elegance

Baby Bump Elegance
Allow me to enlighten you to the fact that maternity clothes are expensive. Which is surprising because you aren’t going to wear them forever. Regardless of that, I still want to be able to have affordable and stylish maternity wear.
I know a lot of people give the tip that “You should just buy a larger size”. I thought about it and realized that since the little one is due in October it would be a year before I could wear my summer clothes again. If I buy a larger size, they are going to be hanging off me the summer after I have the baby. I don’t mind loose fitting clothing but I don’t want my whole summer wardrobe to be loose fitting. I totally get that some people save money that way. I, myself, do not plan to save money that way. I invest in maternity clothes because I want to look and feel good!
I decided to hop on Polyvore and create a comfy yet classy outfit to wear during pregnancy. I like Polyvore because it provides links to the items you pick out. I found that dress is on clearance at Target for $19.00 so I went ahead and ordered one!
I thought the dress itself is very plain which is a good thing because it can be dressed up or laid back. I chose a more dressed up look with the gold and aqua accents. I added the pop of aqua to give it more of a summer vibe.
Simple yet chic.
I will start posting my outfits so you can get a better look at how I style myself throughout my pregnancy!

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