Would I see cloth diapers as an option if they weren’t modernized and we didn’t have a washer and dryer?

The whole reason we started cloth diapering was to know J would always have diapers and to save money…

When I found out I was pregnant with J and I started looking around on the internet and joining mommy boards, I learned about cloth diapers. At first I was skeptical. I wondered how I would be able to keep up with diaper laundry when I can barely keep up with regular laundry. I loved the idea of savings but I didn’t know if it was something I could keep up with.

I remember when M was little and there were times where I had to stretch X amount of money until payday. It pained me to have to put $20+ towards a box of diapers that may or may not last us until payday. I never, ever, wanted to be in that position again. We never had to reuse one of M’s dirty diapers or have him in one for an unreasonable amount of time, but we did have to choose diapers over food or gas to get to work. There were times I scrounged up change just to get gas so I could get my husband and I back and forth to work. You see, we made enough not to qualify for any assistance but not enough to not live paycheck to paycheck. Interesting how the system works, but that is another conversation for another day.

We decided within the first few months of my pregnancy that we would use cloth diapers for J. We wanted the peace of mind that he would always have diapers that were clean and ready to go. We also wanted to be able to save money wherever we could without compromising another area of our life.

When I decided to take part in this challenge originally I wanted to raise awareness to the fact that flats are universal and socioeconomic status should not determine whether or not a baby has clean diapers. I then asked myself if I had to hand wash all the time, would I still cloth diaper?

Would I still cloth diaper without my luxurious washer and dryer?Would I still cloth diaper without all the bells and whistles of modern cloth diapers?


Yes, I would. I know it would be hard and time consuming. However, that is unimportant because I have the peace of mind knowing my son will always have clean diapers. So far this challenge has taught me that having a washer and dryer is a luxury. It is one that I have taken for granted and now I realize how grateful I am to be able to have a washer and dryer.I have also learned that I love flats and I wish I would have invested in some in the beginning.

When you first start using cloth diapers it is always good to have a variety so that you are able to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Flats were one thing we didn’t have until a couple weeks ago and since they have arrived that is all we have been using. Flats are economical and are not as hard to use as it may seem at first. It takes a few tries to get a fold just right or to learn how to use pins or a snappi but I find it enjoyable. This challenge has caused me to start selling my son’s pocket diapers and hybrids because I have fallen in love with flats. They wash up nicely, and since they are natural fibers, rashes are less likely to happen and his eczema doesn’t become irritated and flare up. Also, after adding up how much it cost for our current stash of flats and covers it has come out much cheaper than what we have spent on pockets and hybrids!!

If you use cloth diapers, and modern cloth diapers weren’t an option, would you still use cloth diapers?

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6 thoughts on “Would I see cloth diapers as an option if they weren’t modernized and we didn’t have a washer and dryer?

  1. Maybe not in the beginning when I started. I started out using flats and prefolds over 3 yrs ago, but mainstream cloth caught me and I got swept up in pockets and AIOs. I have a new appreciation for flats and prefolds again and I’m considering letting my pockets go to the dismay of my hubby. Anyway, now that I’m a seasoned CDing pro, lol, yes, I would be willing to hand wash to stay in cloth. Going without diapers isn’t an option or choosing food or gas over diapers. If you fall on hard times, you need simple ways to lessen the burden not add to it and throwing money at sposies adds to the stress in my opinion.

  2. Yes I would. Heck I started out with just 12 prefolds and 3 covers for newborn stage and I often handwashed the covers when they would get poop on and hung them up to dry so I wouldn’t run out. I did this for probably the first month until I could buy another 12 prefolds and 3 covers which was enough to get me through until the next load of washing in the machine. Three years later and it’s easy to lose perspective and just buy a pretty cloth diaper when you see it, no matter the price. This challenge has really made me think.

    • It got me thinking as well and now I want to simplify. My son doesn’t need all the special diapers. I prefer covers anyways because I can get more use out of them.

  3. That’s good question and I’ve been asking myself that since the beginning of the challenge. When I was a new mom, I bought a full stash of fancy pocket diapers because they were not like my grandma’s diapers. That was the whole point! But now I have my second baby and my fancy pocket diapers are starting to annoy me, they seem so high maintenance! It’s only after having tried the modern cloth diapers that I’ve developped the confidence to simply use a square piece of fabric. So modern cloth diapers are probably necessary to get people into trying cloth diapers in the first place.

    • I don’t think one needs to try modern cloth to use cloth. A lot of parents start out with prefolds and covers because they are simple and work. I wish I had started with flats and prefolds. I used prefolds and loved them and then got swept up with all the other options.

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